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When a vintage sparkling wine should be produced?


When we say ?vintage? sparkling wine, namely, made from grapes grown entirely from the same crop or year, as opposed to ?non-vintage? type, in which grapes from different years are used, the important thing is to reflect the personality of the grape, the terroir, and the producer of the wine itself, as well as the particularities that climate may develop in the product of the vine in that particular year.

A fact which allows managers of wineries unleash their creativity without being subject to the rigidity required when it comes to making a product by mixing various vintages, which traditionally seeks to obtain consistent results for a demanding market such as the quality sparkling wine.

The point is that the challenge of a vintage sparkling wine is always different, depending on the specific characteristics of the crop. First, not all years are good to develop a ?vintage?. The type of grape is also influential, of course, and that complicates the issue, since in order to be worthwhile to invest the effort necessary to develop a sparkling wine of this kind, good crops in different varieties should be combined, if it is decided to develop a multivarietal vintage…

In fact, some of the most exclusive cellars produce vintage sparkling wines only a handful of times each decade, coinciding with the most spectacular vintages for experts, who seem to agree in pointing -in recent years- that coincided with warm or even moderately warm years, not so much with the colder ones, though of course there are exceptions, as in any activity dependent on the vagaries of the weather and nature, making a true art the development of a vintage sparkling wine.

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Faustino Extra Brut



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Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve

The Italian spumante, a competition of cava in UK

 TAGS:While the cava has achieved a spectacular growth in export volume, thanks to the promotional efforts of their national producers among many other factors, we cannot forget the work that remains to be done to achieve its definitive establishment as a global ?brand?, a still pending issue, although the path that has been traveled has promising perspectives in this regard.

However, there are products such as the Italian prosecco that, unlike the French champagne, appear to represent a serious competitive threat to the advancement of our sparkling wines, as revealed by a recently published report elaborated by Rabobank, and focused on the latest trends in the world of wine.

According to this study, the Italian sparkling wine exports to the UK rose a spectacular 40.2% in 2013 over the previous year. One of its authors, Stephen Rannekleiv stresses that, as happened in the U.S. during recent years, the prosecco has become an everyday product, consumed in informal celebrations and an ?affordable luxury? for the British consumers.

The funny thing is that, contrary to what you might think, the Italian and Spanish sparkling wines are not ?stealing? market share to the French ones, which are usually reserved for special occasions and are holding pretty well the verve of the ?newcomers?, keeping in the minds of British consumers much of its traditional image.

No doubt, the decisive factor in the rise of these wines is the price, which has made its consumption spread as a drink of an almost daily consumption, in a similar manner to that we associate here with opening a bottle of wine for an informal meeting with friends or even for lunch or dinner on a weekday.

In fact, for the first time prosecco sales have surpassed champagne with 307 million bottles exported worldwide, while the French producers exported only 304 million bottles.

Do you like Prosecco? Today we recommend 2:

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Villa Sandi Prosecco Spumante Brut “il Fresco”



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Foss Marai Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Extra Dry

Cockail with Champagne

 TAGS:Champagne is a sparkling wine produced with the Champagne method. It has an appellation of origin from the Champagne region in France.

The champagne is usually white, but it is also pink, made from different types of grapes, red for most. Most of the time, Champagne is associated with special celebrations like weddings, award ceremonies, or the feast of the New Year.

Regarding the champagne method, there are two fermentation steps: first in tanks and the second in bottle. To restart fermentation sugar is added during the second step and if necessary, yeast. Cocktails based on Champagne have the charm and elegance of this drink mixed with the delight of novelty.

Among the most popular cocktails with champagne, you can find:

Strawberry Champagne Mojito

Strawberry Champagne Mojito is a colorful fusion of citrus and strawberries, mint and sugar syrup with champagne.


Two or three strawberries
Mint leaves
Few drops of simple syrup


Serve very cold champagne with the other ingredients chopped to release their juice.


This is probably the most famous champagne cocktail, it is very easy to prepare and has a delicate flavor.


Orange juice


Fill 1/ 3 of a large glass of orange juice and the rest with champagne.


Rossini is made with strawberries and champagne. This cocktail is a favorite for Valentine’s Day and romantic occasions worldwide.


Two or three strawberries


Serve very cold champagne with the other ingredients chopped to release their juice.

8 Hours

8 Hours cocktail is an interesting mix of Angostura bitters, cranberry juice and Champagne.


Two or three strawberries
Third cranberry juice
2/3 Champagne


Champagne served very cold, and the other ingredients in the proportions indicated. Finish with a few drops of Angostura.

Many reasons to enjoy a champagne cocktail! This is especially a good excuse to open a bottle of this delicious drink…

Today we recommend you:

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Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut



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Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve

Start new year with sparkling wine


During this Christmas 2013, everyone buy wine. But even more important than all others, the sparkling wine or champagne cannot be forgotten. It is a must have celebrate New Year?s Eve. To start 2014 nothing better than a toast with a sparkling wine, champagne or cava. It will perfectly accompany all your good resolutions.

This fantastic sparkling wine of high class and quality is the ideal drink for good parties. Champagne is produced using traditional methods (such as cava) which are adapted to the specific areas where it is produced. The Montagne de Reims, the vallée de la Marne, the côte des blancs, or the Aube vineyard for Champagne, and Penedes, Catalonia and other regions such as Valencia, La Rioja, Navarre, the Extremadura, Aragon and Burgos for Cava.

The grapes used for the production are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier for the Champagne and Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel.lo for cava. These varieties provide a unique flavour, freshness, body, aroma…

There are different types of sparkling wines, always depending on the amount of added sugar. The Brut Nature is one of the purest because only wine is added. It has a better quality and is in great demand among connoisseurs. In contrast, the production of Semi sec is made with an addition of 32 to 50g of sugar per liter and the production decreasing every year. In addition, the pink champagne or Cava is increasingly popular and is required more and more on our tables, especially for Christmas.

For these days, we recommend some ideal sparkling wines to enjoy nougat, chocolate or other desserts & sweets of the season:

 TAGS:Billecart Salmon Brut RéserveBillecart Salmon Brut Réserve

Billecart Salmon Brut Réserve



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Bollinger Special Cuvée

Simple and easy cocktails for new year

 TAGS:It’s time to toast with your loved ones. Besides champagne and wine, which are all on Christmas tables, cocktails are ideal for spending the holidays with family. From Christmas to New Year. Tempting, no?

Sparkling wine are of the favorites drinks for the holidays. That is why you will not take a lot of risks to mix champagne to create delicious cocktails. So you can use leftover open bottles, and avoid waste.

Sparkling wines mixed with fruits is absolutely delicious. Mixing champagne with a touch of peach juice is so simple and original. You?ll surprise your guests by offering this delicious combination.

 TAGS:If you like sweet and creamy (you or your guests, there is nothing like the White Christmas cocktail with amaretto, like the delicious Disaronno Amaretto 1L, your favorite cream liqueur and vodka . Ideal as a dessert. Its preparation is simple, just mix the ingredients described above and throw them in a martini glass for better presentation.

For those who prefer soft or alcohol free drinks, you can opt for fruit juice, very easy to combine with cinnamon, vanilla and a little bit of milk. You can also add sugar to make it sweeter. You can mix the milk with freshly squeezed juices (orange, lemon …) and serve in a crystal glass. Then add spices, like cinnamon or vanilla. You can add ice to make it much cooler.

Red is the color of Christmas. Cocktails are dyed that color to remain faithful to the festive spirit. You will probably love this cocktail, a mixture of campari , redcurrant and strawberry liqueur. An explosive and sweet mixture. You can add red berries.

With what do you like to toast? Ready to buy wine? We recommend two great drinks to make your favorite cocktails:

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Luis Felipe Brandy Gran Reserva



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Legendario Elixir de Cuba



How are the wines of Sardinia

 TAGS:In Italy, the cuisine is really one of its greatest assets. And if it’s on an island, even better. This is the case of Sardinia, which offers really tasty food and, of course, wines.

The introduction of wine in Sardinia goes back many centuries ago and that is why it currently provides a wide range of wines, from reds to sparkling passing by whites. We must talk about the DO Alghero, that offers powerful wines, many of them enshrined in the Sella & Mosca winery, one of the most popular features transparent white, fine and pure Torbato grapes, ideal pink for summer as well as red with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and vernaccia di Oristano. As we see, a variety we can admire.

Among the best-known wines, we want to speak about the cannonau, which is produced in the eastern part of the island. He has DO and fills the mouth with a dry and powerful flavor, a ?must try? if we are on the island.

In the South, we recommend the Medio Campidano wines, with the Nuragus native varieties, and the Sardinian Monica.

Strangely, we can also find the Malvasia, a unique wine that we see in different Spanish regions. It also has the OD and is naturally sweet and dry. As elsewhere, are also perfect for desserts at the end of a great meal.

Next to Cannonau, Carignano is another of the popular wines of Sardinia. Basically made ??in the Sulcis area, it is known for its strong ruby color, very warm and full-bodied, usually taken with pastas, meats and sausages.

Other proposals of high quality wines on the island are the Mandrolisai, Moscato di Sorso and Sennori, or Vernaccia di Oristano, which also include designation of origin, and represent some of the most popular wines in Sardinia.

Do you want to buy a wine of Sardinia? Today we recommend:

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Mesa Buio Buio 2010



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Sella & Mosca Monteoro Vermentino Di Gallura Docg 2011

Sparkling, Penedes, ecological

 TAGS:Sparkling, Penedes, ecological. With these three words we say it all. This is a statement of intent and the starting gun for Penedes wine lovers who from now can enjoy the Designation sparkling with the guarantee of a 100% ecological composition and development.

Continuous improvement is the aim of this DO that pursues excellence and does not accept wines that are below the sublime. Realizing the importance of sustainability, the demand for organic products and the strengths of some of its competitors, Penedes has decided to distance itself and be the first DO in the world offering only 100% organic product throughout its range of sparkling.

The investment, work, adaptation, dedication, efforts are focused on consumer satisfaction, as of now they will have one more reason to choose Penedes. Perhaps those who are not so fond of the sparkling now will feel like for tasting it with these new proposals.

The 100% organic sparkling Penedes will become the perfect ingredient for eco-trendy pairings based on local products: all organic foods. The environment will remain nearly intact and diners will be extra happy.

This initiative will also open the door to more progressive wine. Curious and wine geeks from everywhere will be interested in these new products, new processes and they will want to know the main differences between the old procedures with the methods above. They will like to know if the taste has changed, if the alcohol content is still the same, etc.

To me, besides all that, as well as having the chance to visit some of these wineries, I wonder if they have thought about exporting this initiative to other wines. Everything could be eco and then we will have: the green pink, the green white and perhaps also the green red.

Until the day when all Penedes Wine production is 100% organic comes we will still have to wait. It would be a good idea for other DO beginning on it or imitate this example which, in addition to a brilliant marketing strategy, reflects a very respectful attitude to natural resources and to the people who consume their wines.

So, take here my congratulations and good luck in this new journey. And for those who have been disappointed to celebrate propose to provide these two wines:

 TAGS:Don Montfer Brut Nature Reserva Clos 2009Don Montfer Brut Nature Reserva Clos 2009

Don Montfer Brut Nature Reserva Clos 2009



 TAGS:Roger Marsal Brut Nature Rosé Orgánico 2011Roger Marsal Brut Nature Rosé Orgánico 2011

Roger Marsal Brut Nature Rosé Orgánico 2011

Sweet wine to start drinking

 TAGS:Muscat has never gone through such a good moment. From being regarded to very old ladies, from being almost exclusively used on those aged female meetings in between knitting and gossiping on neighbors, daughters in law and TV characters. It has scaled to fame as now it is placed in the top trend of cool drinks that a teenager can take. Oops, let’s clear that, you cannot drink when you are a teenager… Then let´s say above twenty or whatever.

Of course, the concept has also varied a bit. That old glass muscat bottle that lasted weeks or months almost as part of the decoration of the home is not the same as the current bottle of Asti Spumante. Now it shows quite a look: with its colours and its label, pure design. And it has also become ephemeral, because you know that once you open it, that´s it… it will not last until the next.

This set of attributes positions the sweet wine as gateway to wine consumption. If a few decades ago people began to drinking wine through mixtures: with Cola, with lemonade, or with several juice and spirits (named calimocho, sangria, zurracapote … everything is already invented ) today youngsters prefer to remove bitterness to the wine without having to think much and improving in the whole presentation thing.

Hey, of course it is not the same to share a liter of any of the mixtures proposed in previous lines in a plastic glass than inviting your darling to a sweet sparkling wine with its cool bottle and two glasses. Come on. What a knock on effect. There is no possible comparison.

And there it begins. I’m talking about the wine. So Muscat is followed by a Lambrusco or other sparkling rosé or cava, the natural progression would continue with a glass of white wine and there we are on the red wine doors.

This progression is similar to that of beverages. You start with a martini with lemon or Ponche Caballero and coke, there can be nothing sweeter. You continue with whiskey, vodka or gin accompanied by their sodas. And finally you start tasting it without anything else apart from water at most . Luckily, we will always have mojitos and daiquiris to remember those first toast without having to taste their original combinations. because, after achieving a trained palate and a certain drinks understanding, they would know probably taste like hell.

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Sumarroca Temps de Flors 2012



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Perfum de Vi Blanc 2011

Spring is here! Long live the wine!

 TAGS:Spring is here! long live the wine! Yes, yes, do not look so surprised and let me explain you what I mean because I am sure you are going to understand it at first and I bet you that you will start feeling exactly the same way I do regarding this season… Once the last weekend of March is over, all I see reminds me of wine (in all its varieties, what I am going to hide it for?).

In spring the weather starts to give us a break and those cold winter temperatures give way to others, warm and delicious, perfect for tasting a chilled rose wine, a claret Designation of Origin Rioja (we do not need to look any further). What I mean is that kind of wine that makes you regret not to have one more bottle cooling in the fridge.

The arrival of warm weather coincides with the appearance of the first flowers, with their delicate aromas that remind me of those central European white wines which combine beautifully with cold starters and seafood dishes.

The flowers are beautiful, we rejoice to life with their colours, but many also cause us the dreaded hay fever of every year. Every spring we have to suffer until the summer starts. We spend more than half the day sneezing while we try to hide our big red nose. And whenever I think of something crimson with an intense and noteworthy nose I remember those wonderful Ribera del Duero red wines, I cannot help it.

In the coming weeks we will only be able to get rid of the symptoms of allergy to pollen when some clouds appear on the horizon and we enjoyed one of those rainy days. The raindrops pattering on the windows, while the temperature drops a few degrees, that smell of wet ground, those puddles … those puddles where drops falling make appear some small bubbles… Do not they look like sparkling wines?

I do not know if it will happen to anyone else or do I have to get it checked, but I am not able to go out at this time of the year without thinking about wine, so if you cannot beat them, join them. Long live the wine! Viva the spring! And to celebrate it let’s get some bottles:

 TAGS:Blanc PescadorBlanc Pescador

Blanc Pescador



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Corte Viola Fragolino Rosso

Opening of the first dedicated cava bar in London

 - The progressive internationalization of the brand cava is a fact for some years. This sparkling wine is growing in popularity around the world and many global entrepreneurs in the world of hotels and restaurants include it in the wine lists of its restaurants, recommend it in different wine culture broadcasting channels, and even, as in the case of Richard Bigg, owner of Spanish restaurant group Camino, dare to open specialized establishments in the very heart of the British capital.

Indeed, after the opening a while back of a Sherry dedicated bar in King’s Cross, Bigg has decided to install (within the Camino restaurant in St. Paul’s, London) what he defined as ?the first authentic dedicated cava bar?. To this establishment, which will open next May, will follow the opening of another bar, under the brand of Aqua Nueva Spanish restaurant, which plans to create the London?s largest cava bar at Oxford Circus, also next date.

The British businessman, who for his Sherry specialized establishment joined exclusively the producer Gonzalez Byass, decided instead, in the case of cava, counting on different elaborators to achieve an approach that puts quality above all.

According to Bigg, ?We speak with different brands, but in the end decided hooking to a single cava producer wasn?t the right path. Unlike the case of Sherry, the world of cava offers more heterogeneous qualities. There are cheap and nasty cavas that discredit the product, so what we want is to pick selections of every price category in order to change the consumer perception.?

The complexity of the product, which can play with different grape varieties and offers greater richness than products like Prosecco (An Italian sparkling with great success in the UK), can do the consumers, whatever their preference, come to appreciate in perspective the value of cava and that may contribute to its ultimate international expansion, not as low cost sparkling wine, but as a quality product in its own right.

 TAGS:Codorníu Blanc de BlancsCodorníu Blanc de Blancs

Codorníu Blanc de Blancs



 TAGS:Familia Oliveda Brut JoveFamilia Oliveda Brut Jove

Familia Oliveda Brut Jove