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The 4 restaurants that best match wine and food in Barcelona

Wine has become an essential element in most restaurants. Currently you can find there several Appellations of Origin from many different places and special gastronomic wine lists, endorsed by sommeliers who join forces with the chefs to create perfect pairings. Follow our route of the best restaurants with wine pairing in Barcelona.

1. Barcelonas, at the Gran Hotel La Florida

At this restaurant you can enjoy high cuisine, not only for its location, 500 meters above the city, near the Tibidabo, but also because it takes good care of every detail of its cuisine, Mediterranean and Catalan, where the chef Jordi Delfa offers two different tasting menus for those who wish a total immersion in the new gastronomy. These are paired carefully with wines of varieties of geographical proximity represented in the appellations Montsant, Priorat or Penedés, taking also into account other areas such as Rioja and Ribera del Duero, organic wines, Sherry wines, French wines and a wide variety of champagnes.

pairings gan hotel la florida

2. Sintonía

The ex-Bulli Pablo Tomás proposes a menu that one can build “a la carte”, according to the dishes that are available at that moment. But the highlight is that they have a wine list of 100 references, eminently from small producers, focusing on the gastronomic side. Prepared by Patricia Pacho, maître of the restaurant, Catalan wines take centre stage, as well as champagnes, sparkling wines or wines by the glass. Its pairing pays attention to combining products from the land with wines also from the same origin. The bouillabaisse stands out with a rosé from the area of ​​Soria, and the red wine Ferret from Priorat for the veal knuckle with vegetables, cut in front of the diner. “Some vegetables with a light and aromatic wine could help that intended balance. A barrel with deeper notes is perfect for a white meat that has a more complex elaboration”, explains Patricia Pacho.

sintonia restaurant wine pairings

3. Caelis

The Caelis wine list is based on local and Spanish wines, as well as French, Italian, German and American wines. They offer 350 references and also different and new options that the sommelier and the chef try, in order to offer something outside of the usual. Here we find several tasting menus: the Tierra y Mar (“Land and Sea”) is shorter and paired only with Catalan wines, while the Celebration is longer, and there are wines from all over the world.

4. Nora BCN

There are restaurants that surprise for their thorough and extensive wine list. At Nora there is a “wine room” where you can eat or dine with wine pairings to combine perfectly, with a mix of Catalan and international cuisine.

 TAGS:Porta 6 2017

Porta 6 2017

PPorta 6 2017 is the product of the fertile vineyards from Alenquero and Cadaval, in the mountains in the North of Lisbon.

 TAGS:Hortas do Caseirinho

Hortas do Caseirinho

An excellent white wine from Portugal with a unique price-performance ratio.

This is what you need to know in terms of restaurant trends

We do not have a magic wand to determine what is to come in gastronomy, but according to the trends and what we pick up in restaurants, we can get an idea of ​​what will come in terms of restaurant trends. Do you want to discover it?

Restaurant trends

Bet on the local. It is a current trend, and therefore we will see it in the coming years. The taste for everything ecological moves to what is closest. That is, consuming products from the land, the region, the field next door, much better if it is from a well-known farmer. We will eat healthier, and also encourage the economy of the area.

Flexitarianism. It is a trend established by the people in charge of the International Hotel, Catering and Food Trade Exhibition, SIRHA, to be held in Lyon from January 26 to 30, which has identified other influences based on four different concepts: Consciousness, Welfare, Territorialities and Augmented experience. Thus, flexitarianism gains popularity because of this healthy trend, but without reaching extremes. That is, you can eat vegetables, but also fresh fish. It seems that this phenomenon will go further.

restaurant trends

Healthy. It is linked to the above, and perhaps also to the first point. Now there are many venues where they offer vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and in the rest of the restaurants there are dishes for vegans so that when we go there as a group or as a couple to have dinner, everyone can find diversity, especially regarding health.

Responsibility. As we see, this is another trend established by the owners of SIRHA. When we talk about restaurants, this concept takes shape because it is based on how food is produced, preserved, transported and consumed, always without damaging the environment. Restaurant professionals advocate increasingly for ecological and sustainable solutions.

Experiences. For some time now, consumers do not want to go to lunch or dinner and just that. They want for everything offered (the product, the menu, the environment…) to be part of a ritual of emotions that generate an experience. And this keeps coming strong. Restaurant owners need to devise how their businesses become places of emotion.

restaurant trends

Practicality. This trend explains the digital era in which we live. Online reservations and home-ordering are already everyday things and restaurants must enter necessarily in this circuit to increase their turnover. So it is mandatory to have a convenient website and that reservations can be made instantly, in a single click and from the mobile phone.

Robots Overtaking Restaurants… a New Era


The new technologies are gradually being incorporated into our lives, sometimes in a revolutionary way, and other times little by little, in a gradual but inexorable way. For years now, we have seen new inventions, which so far only a few could imagine, at every level of society, and the restoration, commerce and services, whether public or private, are no exception.

According to an article published on the website diariodegastronomia.com, robotics begins to be implemented precisely in these sectors, and within a few years we will even see robots of humanoid aspect attending us in all types of establishments.

Lowering the costs of technology production and advances in artificial intelligence are making possible what seemed a few years ago science fiction, and many companies are already incorporating robotic “assistants” into their services, in tasks such as customer service, solving doubts, answering questions and collecting information about buying habits and needs of their target audience.

In fact, we can already find some examples in companies of the most diverse sectors, such as cruises, education, catering, and even in the world of wine: the VineRobot project aims to design a land vehicle that will obtain and transmit information on the state of the vineyards through non-invasive sensors.

It’s the agriculture field where more of these advances are already being applied, both in the monitoring of crops and in the control of pests, irrigation, harvest and son on. In the not too distant future there’ll be vineyards and fields of all kinds operated entirely by autonomous robotic vehicles and drones that will replace the man and the traditional machinery.

For those who think that robots will replace humans, with the damage that entails on a labor level, to say that, on the other hand, it’ll always be necessary someone to program, design and operate them, with all the benefits it will bring to the long term job creation of a more technological profile, as long as we know how to take advantage of the opportunity in terms of research, business initiatives and support from administrations.

 TAGS:Pasion Blue Chardonnay (blue wine) 2015Pasion Blue Chardonnay (blue wine) 2015

Pasion Blue Chardonnay (blue wine) 2015



 TAGS:Gïk Live (blue wine)Gïk Live (blue wine)

Gïk Live (blue wine)

Top 7 Restaurants in Latin America


The Latin American gastronomy lives one of its best moments. The gala for the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America 2016 has just concluded and one more time, Peru wins the battle by defining a kitchen full of nuances and contrasts. This country has nine restaurants that are classified in the ranking, specifically two of them in the first and second place. Let’s see the 7 best restaurants on this list.

Central – Lima, Peru: In Central is celebrated the biodiversity of Peru. Thus, we can find Chef Virgilio Martínez who experiments and offers a menu with new ingredients that give a rise to the best of the Peruvian cuisine.

Maido – Lima, Peru: Another restaurant in Peru that heads this famous list. And it is the golden age of this cuisine, as it can also be found in Spain, with the proliferation of restaurants of this type and merges between eastern and native cuisine.

DOM – Sao Paulo, Brazil: For most of the media, it’s the most important restaurant in South America. The characteristic of the place is precisely to bring different things in the kitchen, as Alex Atala, an expunk yex Brazilian DJ says. In here, cuisine it’s innovated with ingredients such as the tucupí, a yellowish liquid from the Amazon that is extracted off of the brave manioc and that, before fermenting, is poisonous; or the priprioca, an Amazon root used for a long time by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Boragó – Santiago, Chile: It’s the best restaurant in the country and that’s big words. Along with the Peruvian, Chilean cuisine has traditionally been one of the most outstanding in South America. Chef Rodolfo Guzmán combines dishes from the traditional Andes with the new kitchen.

Pujol – Mexico City, Mexico: The fusion of Mexican cultures makes this cuisine to stand above the others. And that’s what happen with Pujol, which has been the first and second best in his country in more than one occasion.

Quintonil – Mexico City, Mexico: Another restaurant in the city and this country that is among the best in the area. They define themselves as a sophisticated place of contemporary Mexican cuisine served in a light dining room with minimalist style.

Astrid and Gastón – Lima, Peru: As you can see, Peru takes the place among the best in Latin America. In this restaurant eating is quite an experience. The restaurant’s menu consists of starters and main courses, with ceviche, and other traditional dishes.

 TAGS:Santa Digna Reserva Carmenère 2013Santa Digna Reserva Carmenère 2013

Santa Digna Reserva Carmenère 2013



 TAGS:Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada 2014Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada 2014

Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada 2014

The sky above English gastronomy is full of Michelin stars

 TAGS:undefinedThe publication of the new Michelin Guide for Great Britain and Ireland is always a highlight for fans of gastronomy, famous chefs and the best restaurants. London is one of the best rated cities world wide for culinary art and year after year is awarded various Michelin stars.

Of the 17 new entries in the Michelin Guide for London 2016, there are 15 restaurants awarded 1 star and 2 new restaurants awarded 2 stars: The Japanese restaurants Araki and Umu both gained 2 stars.

The sushi restaurant Araki, which opened its doors in Mayfair last summer, asks £ 300 per person for its omakase menu. It is supervised by chef Mitsuhiro Araki, who closed a three-Michelin starred restaurant in Tokyo in 2013 to open this one in London.

“It is a big compliment to London, that Sushi master Mitsuhiro Araki closed his three-starred restaurant in Tokyo to go to the United Kingdom and challenge himself in a different culture”, says Rebecca Burr, editor of the Michelin Guide.

Umu is a very different kind of Japanese restaurant. Its chef Yoshinor Ishii has constantly improved his cooking and brought it to a completely new level.”

Four more London restaurants were awarded one star, one of them is the modern British restaurant Lyle’s of James Lowe in Shoreditch, furthermore, Bonhams in Mayfair, The Portland in Regent Park and the restaurant of the Goring hotel in Victoria.

Among the one-star-winning restaurants outside London there are the Carters of Moseley in the West Midlands, the Gravetye Manor in West Sussex, The Man Behind the Curtain in West Yorkshire, John’s House in Leicestershire, Woodpeen in West Berkshire and the House of Tides in Tyne and Wear.

In Scotland The Cellar in Anstruther gained 1 star, just as Eipic and OX in Belfast, The Greenhouse in Dublin and Loam in Galway. 13 restaurants lost their outstanding Michelin-star qualification, among them Gordon Ramsay’s Maze in Mayfair, formerly led by  Jason Atherton, and the Indian restaurant Rasoi in Chelsea.

Be it as it may, London’s cooking is on top of the world and the city’s best restaurants have thrown their hats in the ring for the title of the World’s Best Restaurant, at the moment hold by the great El Celler de Can Roca.

 TAGS:Coto de Imaz Reserva 2010Coto de Imaz Reserva 2010

Coto de Imaz Reserva 2010: a red wine from the Rioja DO with a blend based on tempranillo of 2010 and has a volume of alcohol of 13.5º.



 TAGS:Castle Of Dracula Marsecco Red Delle Venezie Vino Frizzante SemiseccoCastle Of Dracula Marsecco Red Delle Venezie Vino Frizzante Semisecco

Castle Of Dracula Marsecco Red Delle Venezie Vino Frizzante Semisecco: a sparkling wine from the Veneto DO and with an alcohol content of 10.5º. 



Wine without grapes? Yes, at “El Celler de Can Roca” they can do it


It has just been reappointed as the world’s best restaurant, and there must be a reason. At “El Celler de Can Roca” (Girona), the Roca brothers devise, research and reinvent a multitude of tastes to offer everyday something new.

Among these culinary research they say have created a wine without grapes. So, at “El Celler” everything is possible and, therefore, they have announced this ambitious project which, as always, leaves no one indifferent.

It was introduced in London and on this project, we find “Espíritu Roca”, an innovation based on distilling and fermenting different products to extract its aromas and flavours and make “wine”. That is, we will soon have no grape wine, but figs, rice

One of the direct architects of this initiative is Josep Roca, the sommelier of the Rocas, who remarked that it is a concept aimed to introduce these drinks in the kitchen. Thus, according to them, you can make wine from everything except grape. For this, they have been working for the last six months, in order to revolutionize gastronomy once more.

Although it has not yet seen the light, this project will be introduced soon since they are now talking about it openly. In addition, the Rocas commented that among his most innovative projects there is to expand their own research laboratory, “La Masia”, in order to become a space to experiment with senses.

At the restaurant they go further and are planning to travel to capture the culinary influences from other worlds, such as Argentina and Turkey. In addition, the owners of the restaurant will publish a book, along with basketball players Pau and Marc Gasol, to encourage healthy eating habits.

For now we’ll continue recommending wines made from grapes… In the future, we’ll see 😉

 TAGS:Viña Ardanza Reserva 2005Viña Ardanza Reserva 2005

Viña Ardanza Reserva 2005: a red wine from the Rioja DO which blend contains tempranillo and garnacha of 2005 and presents an alcohol content of 13.5º.


 TAGS:Remelluri Reserva 2008Remelluri Reserva 2008

Remelluri Reserva 2008:  a red wine of the Rioja DO made with tempranillo and graciano of 2008 and has an alcohol content of 13.5º.