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The Four Main Characteristics of Natural Wines

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The natural wines are becoming increasingly popular. They have entered a market in which the consumers demand more naturalness. The winemakers don’t add sulphites, and they grow the vines organically… these are just some of the characteristics of natural wines. Read on to understand and learn more about them.

Sustainable Agriculture

Winemakers produce biodynamic wines through sustainable agriculture. Therefore there is a focus on the preparation of the soil using minerals and vegetation. Furthermore, these winemakers respect the cycles in nature. This helps them to determine the sowing, processing, and harvesting times of the grapes. The winemakers who use these methods believe that it creates a safer and more authentic product. Francesca Bordin, f & b manager of Hotel Granados, explains: ”They are of the conviction that the growth of the strain is determined by the stars and the positions of the planets. They use natural influences that stem from plants and fermented manure to serve as natural fertilisers.”

Cultivation with Respect for the Environment

The Association of Producers of Natural Wines explains that winemakers respect the natural cycles when they produce the wines. Sulphur or copper sulphate are common and accepted treatments in organic farming, but they must limit the use to what is essential. “We don’t use chemical fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, systemic fungicides and genetically engineered organisms,” they add.

No Added Sulphites

Francesca Bordin explains that there are main differences between conventional wines and natural wines. There are only naturally produced sulphites in natural wine. These are produced during the alcoholic fermentation of the must. ”The wine is an organically cultivated product and winemakers don’t add to or remove anything from this type of wine. They don’t use additives during the fermentation process because they want to reflect what the land itself adds above all else. The winemakers don’t filter or clarify the wine because they want to preserve the natural characteristics. It is not everyone that agrees with or understands this specific work philosophy.”

wine, biodynamic wine, organic wine, natural wine

The Viticulturist, The Creator

The creator of the wine controls the vineyard, is responsible for all the work and makes the decisions. The Association of Producers of Natural Wines gives a lot of attention to this type of wine. They encourage the winegrowers to involve themselves directly in each task and to devote a significant amount of their time to the vineyard.

 TAGS:Honoro Vera Organic 2016

Honoro Vera Organic 2016

The winery Bodegas Juan Gil elaborates this Honoro Vera Organic 2016

 TAGS:Le Naturel

Le Naturel

According to Uvinum users, this red wine earns 5 out of 5 points.

Barcelona Restaurants With Organic Wines


Organic wines can be found in many types of establishments. When talking about organic wines we could mention many different denominations, although in this case, we are referring to a type of crop where the sulfur addition limits are lower and the use of chemical synthesis products are kept as low as possible.

There is an increasing demand from customers for these wines and today many restaurants have added them to their menus. Have a look at our selection of Barcelona restaurants that offer organic wines in case you will be passing through the city or are going there for a holiday.

El Petit Celler

El Petit Celler is more than just a restaurant. It is a sensory experience where you can taste a variety of wines. Recently they have opened Tribut which is a space within El Petit Celler itself where you can taste more than 250 kinds of the best wines by the glass. The place also has a Vermutería where you can taste a large selection of vermouths accompanied by the best preserves. It was originally opened as a store, so it has endless shelves with a great selection of bottles that you can buy and bring home. The organic wines are well represented.

La Dentellière

Located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona this restaurant stands out for the quality of its products. With a central location, it offers eggs from Calaf, rice from Delta del Ebre, and of course, a good list of wines of Catalan and Spanish origin, among which you can find the organic Mureda and DO Castilla La Mancha, both red and white wine types.

Vistro49 Wine Bar and Cocktail Bar at Hotel Ohla Barcelona

Hotel Ohla Barcelona offers several gastronomic areas. Florian David from France has been Caelis’ sommelier for more than two years and he is responsible for Vistro49. The extensive menu includes organic wines and little-known wineries that produce precious wines. They also have a wide representation of well-known wines and cavas.

La llavor dels orígens

The name refers to two restaurants in Barcelona which are located in two alternative and trendy neighbourhoods: Grácia and El Born. Both restaurants have dishes with products from Kilometre 0. Their wine lists have some organic wines such as the Bouquet d’Alella, DO Alella, which is produced using the grape pansa blanca which is native to Alella.


 TAGS:Hécula 2014Hécula 2014

Hécula 2014



 TAGS:Castaño Monastrell Ecológico 2016Castaño Monastrell Ecológico 2016

Castaño Monastrell Ecológico 2016

Does ecological wine taste better than the conventional wine?


Organic wines are on an upward trend, both in Spain and in countries like France, where the bio-culture takes time seeping deep among consumers. More than a fashion, it is a trend that, besides adding value to the product, is helping to minimize the environmental impact of the crop at the hands of man.

However, can we say that the bio wine is tastier than conventional wine? While there are no large studies or deep research that are focusing on it, both the United States and France in Spain have carried out two studies where everything seems to indicate that the biological wine, under similar conditions, comes out better than the rest of wines.

Specifically, the US study, led by Kedge Business School and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), also including the French portal Notre-planet.info indicates that bio-certified Californian wines taste better than the conventional ones. To conduct the study, the leaders took as a starting point more than 74,000 references valued by experts at The Wine Advocate, Wine Enthusiast, and Wine Spectator. After making the appropriate weights, the result was that organic wines have an average of 4.1 points more than conventional wines on a scale of 100 points.

While the results are only applicable to wines made in California, a similar study in France presents some preliminary result, still by a lack of conclusive results they are not published. The study is being conducted by the Kedge Business School and, to date, suggests that in France the biological wine tastes better.

As always, since Uvinum always argue that the best wine is the one you personally like to drink and that it also may depend on factors such as the company, the mood and the pairing. However, if something is true, it is that wine making which takes into account the environment and respects and contributes to enriching the environment, land, and biodiversity ,has a huge benefit for all and also for wine.

 TAGS:Las Hermanas Eco 2014Las Hermanas Eco 2014

Las Hermanas Eco 2014: a red wine based on monastrell of 2014.



 TAGS:Marques de Caceres Bio Ecologico 2014Marques de Caceres Bio Ecologico 2014

Marques de Caceres Bio Ecologico 2014: a red wine from the region of Rioja with the best tempranillo grapes from the 2014 vintage.



Good, nice, cheap and white


The new year has brought with it very promising white wines. Today we want to share with you the major novelties which, with its vintage 2014, are coming with great force.They will not let you down!

El Perro Verde 2014

El Perro Verde is a wine as original as its label. Made from 100% Verdejo grape, is a wine with good structure and a long, pleasant aftertaste. Perfect for those who like white wines with more travel and… irreverent wines. 

 TAGS:El Perro Verde 2014El Perro Verde 2014

From the Bodegas Félix Lorenzo Cachazo cellar (Rueda) we received a El Perro Verde 2014.



Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay 2014

Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay 2014 has been made from 2014 chardonnay strains. You’ll enjoy it with light dishes such as rice salad with pineapple and shrimp; natural clams or razor clams; or with a soft risotto with mushrooms and green asparagus.

 TAGS:Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay 2014Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay 2014

Jean Leon 3055 Chardonnay 2014 is a white wine with DO Penedes made with chardonnay of 2014.



Marqués de Riscal Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Herederos del Marqués de Riscal elaborates this Marqués de Riscal Sauvignon Blanc 2014. It is a white from the DO Rueda, based on sauvignon and sauvignon blanc strains 2014. Great for pairing with soups and paellas.

 TAGS:Marqués de Riscal Sauvignon Blanc 2014Marqués de Riscal Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Herederos del Marqués de Riscal is the maker of this Marqués de Riscal Sauvignon Blanc 2014.



Montes Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Casablanca Valley 2014

Montes Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Casablanca Valley 2014 is a fresh, youthful, fruity wine… A lovely wine from Chile’s Casablanca Valley region.

 TAGS:Montes Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Casablanca Valley 2014Montes Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Casablanca Valley 2014

Montes Sauvignon Blanc Reserva Casablanca Valley 2014 is a s a white wine with DO Casablanca Valley from the Montes cellar made with sauvignon Blanc of 2014.


Enate Chardonnay 234 2014

Enate Chardonnay 234 2014 is a white wine that will delight those who prefer greasy and complex white wines. Its aroma has notes of green apple, fennel, exotic fruits and peach. Ideal for fish and seafood.

 TAGS:Enate Chardonnay 234 2014Enate Chardonnay 234 2014

Enate Chardonnay 234 2014 is a a white wine with Somontano DO.




Afortunado 2014

Afortunado 2014 is a vivacious and citric wine that teams up well with white meats and rice. It also has a very original label that worth it to get one of these bottles, right?

 TAGS:Afortunado 2014Afortunado 2014

Afortunado 2014: of Viñedos Singulares cellar: a white wine from Rueda DO with the best bunches of verdejo from the 2014 vintage and 13º of alcohol.



Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2014

The cellars Villa Maria are responsible for this Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2014, a white wine from DO Marlborough based on sauvignon blanc and pinot gris. In nose, dominate notes of passion fruit, melon and honeysuckle, and in mouth is smooth and pleasant. A safe bet.

 TAGS:Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2014Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Villa Maria is the maker of this Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2014.




Infraganti 2014

With such a suggestive name, Infraganti 2014 can not be overlooked in any way. This cool and jovial Verdejo will remind you of white flowers and ripe fruit.

 TAGS:Infraganti 2014Infraganti 2014

Miravinos is the maker of this Infraganti 2014, a white wine from Rueda with a blend based on verdejo of 2014



Mestizaje Blanco 2014

Mestizaje Blanco 2014 is made from Merseguera grape, a Valencian native variety which Bodegas Mustiguillo has harvested from organic farming. It is a fresh and sweet wine with a long finish that will leave you a nice mouthfeel.

 TAGS:Mestizaje Blanco 2014Mestizaje Blanco 2014

Mestizaje Blanco 2014




Castell Raimat Chardonnay 2014

With intense aromas of tropical fruits and other more subtle, such as pineapple or melon, it is a balanced wine that brings a refreshing acidity. Pair it with a salad, seafood and white meats and you will savor it more and better.

 TAGS:Castell Raimat Chardonnay 2014Castell Raimat Chardonnay 2014

Castell Raimat Chardonnay 2014: a white wine from Costers del Segre DO of Raimat cellar with the best bunches of chardonnay from the 2014 vintage.



Viñas del Vero Chardonnay Collección 2014

Viñas del Vero Chardonnay Collección 2014 is a wine made in the DO Somontano through a process of cold maceration of freshly harvested grapes. This means that it is a distinctive wine with very good national references in previous vintages.

 TAGS:Viñas del Vero Chardonnay Colección 2014Viñas del Vero Chardonnay Colección 2014

From the Viñas del Vero cellar we received Viñas del Vero Chardonnay Colección 2014.



Parvus White 2014

Parvus White 2014 is an organic crop wine from DO Alella, made from chardonnay. The palate is fruity, greasy and oily, so it will go very well fish, both grilled and breaded.

 TAGS:Parvus Blanco 2014Parvus Blanco 2014

Parvus Blanco 2014 is a white wine from the Alta Alella winery.




Viña Esmeralda 2014

Viña Esmeralda is probably one of the most famous wines from this list, and it’s a safe bet especially to enjoy with a relaxed meal with friends. If you’ve tried it, you will surely repeat this year. And if you have not, you will surely do it next year.

 TAGS:Viña Esmeralda 2014Viña Esmeralda 2014

Viña Esmeralda 2014



Images: Uvinum and Wikipedia.

Sparkling, Penedes, ecological

 TAGS:Sparkling, Penedes, ecological. With these three words we say it all. This is a statement of intent and the starting gun for Penedes wine lovers who from now can enjoy the Designation sparkling with the guarantee of a 100% ecological composition and development.

Continuous improvement is the aim of this DO that pursues excellence and does not accept wines that are below the sublime. Realizing the importance of sustainability, the demand for organic products and the strengths of some of its competitors, Penedes has decided to distance itself and be the first DO in the world offering only 100% organic product throughout its range of sparkling.

The investment, work, adaptation, dedication, efforts are focused on consumer satisfaction, as of now they will have one more reason to choose Penedes. Perhaps those who are not so fond of the sparkling now will feel like for tasting it with these new proposals.

The 100% organic sparkling Penedes will become the perfect ingredient for eco-trendy pairings based on local products: all organic foods. The environment will remain nearly intact and diners will be extra happy.

This initiative will also open the door to more progressive wine. Curious and wine geeks from everywhere will be interested in these new products, new processes and they will want to know the main differences between the old procedures with the methods above. They will like to know if the taste has changed, if the alcohol content is still the same, etc.

To me, besides all that, as well as having the chance to visit some of these wineries, I wonder if they have thought about exporting this initiative to other wines. Everything could be eco and then we will have: the green pink, the green white and perhaps also the green red.

Until the day when all Penedes Wine production is 100% organic comes we will still have to wait. It would be a good idea for other DO beginning on it or imitate this example which, in addition to a brilliant marketing strategy, reflects a very respectful attitude to natural resources and to the people who consume their wines.

So, take here my congratulations and good luck in this new journey. And for those who have been disappointed to celebrate propose to provide these two wines:

 TAGS:Don Montfer Brut Nature Reserva Clos 2009Don Montfer Brut Nature Reserva Clos 2009

Don Montfer Brut Nature Reserva Clos 2009



 TAGS:Roger Marsal Brut Nature Rosé Orgánico 2011Roger Marsal Brut Nature Rosé Orgánico 2011

Roger Marsal Brut Nature Rosé Orgánico 2011