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The Beauty of Vodka Bottles

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Wine producers are not the only ones who have understood that a great label helps attract consumers. Many distillate brands, especially vodka brands, often embellish their bottles to impress the public.

The next time you go to a bar or a restaurant, take a look at the wall behind the bar. You will likely discover that vodka bottles have become decorative objects. Unfortunately, in some cases, the impressive bottles are more focused on appearance than the taste of the vodka itself.

Creating a Visual Memory

Today, you’ll find vodka bottles that have taken the strangest forms imaginable. Crystal Head Vodka, a brand founded by actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander, is sold in a skull-shaped bottle. This idea is based on the legend of the 13 crystal skulls. AnestasiA Vodka asked Canadian designer Karim Rashid to design a bottle that resembles their logo. The bottle represents the rock from which they get the water for the production and the volcanic stone which is used to filter the distillate. Frozen Ghost focuses on the feeling of anguish, with the silhouette of a man trapped in the bottle. Cîroc is an ultra-premium vodka that has its headquarters in Cognac. The brand presents its important origins by brandishing an elegant frosted glass bottle. Absolut Vodka, on the other hand, is inspired by the bottles of medicines used in the eighteenth century. In those times vodka was sold in Swedish pharmacies as a remedy for virtually any condition.

Many consumers consider vodka quite a neutral spirit and find it hard to capture all the nuances that differentiate one brand from another. Therefore, many consumers are inclined to choose the most beautiful bottle which will also look great in their homes.

bottles, design, style, marketing, fashion, trends, Vodka

The Importance of Colours

According to neuromarketing experts, the more people can imagine the taste of a product just by looking at it, the better. Therefore, predefined codes are used when decorating a bottle. The colours are a great tool as they already give an idea of ​​the flavour of flavoured vodkas: green for apple, orange for peach, red for strawberry, yellow for lemon, etc. Absolut is an example of a brand which is mastering the colour coding strategy.

A Matter of Fashion

The makers of vodka know that their products are mainly consumed on social occasions. Many brands rely on the image of a ”luxury product”, which can be proudly displayed in nightclubs or during a private event. Many brands have therefore entered into collaborations with the world of fashion. Victoria’s Secret, Moschino, Gareth Pugh, and Roberto Cavalli are some of the brands who can be associated with specific vodka brands. Collaborations like these turn the bottles into true accessories.

Vodka Limited Edition

Of course, we must also mention the numerous limit edition vodka series. These bottles become objects of worship, sometimes even true works of art. Over the years, these bottles have become the object of desire for many enthusiasts and collectors.

Several of the limited editions have become very famous, mainly thanks to the big names that signed the bottles. Andy Warhol decorated a legendary bottle of Absolut Vodka. Anyone who has seen this in a magazine, on posters, or at a friend’s house will understand the hype well.

Vodka brands have created bottles dedicated to specific events or situations, always based on the concepts of uniqueness and current issues. The vodka Absolut World is signed by the Swedish illustrator Kari Modén and can only be purchased at airports. The Absolut brand explains that it is a vodka dedicated exclusively to travellers. Absolut has also created another unforgettable classic: The legendary Colors, inspired by the LGBT flag.

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