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Speak Wine Or Sip It


Hands up who can identify with the following reaction to poetic wine tasting notes like these. We read:

A straightforward sip with a mouth-filling and rich character” or “Great fruit on the attack and a dry mid-palate“. 

We think: “Mouthfilling….of course, it fills my mouth,  I just took a sip. Straightforward….can a wine lie to me? Mid…what, who attacks?”

Wine language is the expression of a social development that has been delivered to us figuratively in a Bordeaux wine glass. Worldwide renowned wine critics like Jancis Robinson or Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate, have built and formed an elegant language that was meant to be for the wine elite and people who spend their time mainly with wine for professional or personal reasons. This had some advantages marketing-wise on the one hand and quality-wise on the other. Nonetheless, this evolved use of language has alienated wine from common people who just enjoy drinking wine. 

Today, everything is different. There comes a new generation that demands inclusivity in society in all aspects, even for wine. Millennials, the most polemic generation of the past 50 years, want to drink, enjoy and even understand wine. Love us or hate us – yes, I am one of them – but we brought back wine to people like you and me. If interested we can still find these kinds of wine descriptions and they still have a place in the world. It is just that their meaning has changed. Now, you can get a simple and -let’s say it- ‘straightforward’ description of a wine. Instead of a ruby red with garnet rim, a wine can be just ruby red or deep red. Instead of a nose of strawberry ginger marmalade, a wine can smell of fruity and spicy aromas. The taste of fresh cut grass after a lush summer rain is allowed to be just a slightly bitter finish. 

Just a thought: The world of wine is a very open one. There is room for elegant, artistic descriptions but without judging those who just want to get information. In the end, both groups share one goal which is to enjoy wine as it comes and that is the way it should be.

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Porta 6 2016 is the product of the fertile vineyards from the Alenquero and Cadaval, in the mountains in the North of Lisbon. 


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By drinking Gïk Live, you are drinking something innovative. You are drinking the possibility of creating your own rules.