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Cocktails with Whiskey for Winter

TAGS:undefinedFar from the somewhat spicy, citrusy and wonderfully refreshing summer cocktails, at this time of the year, people want more consistent cocktails. Hence, we recommend some whiskey-based cocktails that you will enjoy the most. Will you dare to try them?

The Manhattan cocktail is famous for its strength. Its preparation is simple, pour two parts of whiskey together with one part of vermouth and add two dashes of bitter with crushed ice. Then, add a few dashes of bitters. Garnish the finished Manhattan with a cherry for an appealing presentation.

We find a higher concentration of whiskey in the Esmeralda cocktail. In this case, equal proportions of Irish whiskey and Italian vermouth are mixed. Then, add a dash of orange or lemon flavouring for a citrus twist. Pour the preparation into a shaker and agitate.

Irish coffee is a Winter-time classic. This coffee is the perfect hot drink to end a delicious meal. To make this cocktail, you need 2 parts of Irish whiskey and 5 to 6 parts of coffee. Simply pour the whiskey into the sweetened coffee and top it off with cream. Alternatively, indulge yourself with some whipped cream to garnish the top.

November Rain is a cocktail made by Javier de las Muelas. This drink takes advantage of whiskey’s smooth and creamy texture. Combine it with Maker’s Mark whiskey, drops of Droplets Tonka Bean, nougat ice cream and black chocolate liqueur to achieve an unctuous winter cocktail. It is easily made by shaking all the ingredients in a Boston shaker for 10 seconds. Garnish the top with coffee beans to impress your friends. 

 TAGS:Glenfiddich 12 Year oldGlenfiddich 12 Year old

Glenfiddich 12 Year old, a single malt aged in Spanish and American oak casks, is one of the best selling whisky in Scotland.


 TAGS:Chivas Regal 12 Year old 1LChivas Regal 12 Year old 1L

Chivas Regal 12 Year old 1L, a Scottish jewel from the oldest Speyside distillery still in activity.

Whiskey or whisky? The origin of the words


The word “whiskey” appeared in the early eighteenth century as the Gaelic translation of the Latin word aqua vitae for “water of life“. In the Celtic language, it is called uisge beatha, although the use of this term finds its roots several centuries ago. Although the distillation of whisky goes back to the ancient Celts, the first written references date back to the late fifteenth century when it was used by the Scottish monks as a medicinal drink.

In fact, whisky is one of the many terms adapted to the English spelling and pronunciation that was commonly used until the mid-1700s. There, you can see an equal use with no distinction between the words “whisky” and “whiskey”. Today, however, this additional “e” marks the difference. 

The differentiation that remains today between “whisky” and “whiskey” probably comes from the Irish desire by 1870 to distinguish themselves from Scottish distilleries, which at the time was considered a lower quality.

Nowadays, we understand Irish and U.S.-American distillates under whiskey with an “e”. While Irish whiskey is based on barley malt and experiences a triple distillation, the American one comes from corn and added wheat, rye or malted barley. Whisky mainly refers to Scottish products – Scotch whisky – but also includes whiskies from all around the world. The production of Scotch whisky and the Canadian ones (manufactured from rye and corn) are based on malted barley, in addition to those produced in countries such as Wales and Japan, inspired mainly from processes developed in Scotland.
And while whisky includes nearly all the nationalities, Scotch exclusively works for Scottish whisky products.

Uvinum whisk(e)y recommendations:

 TAGS:Crown Royal Xo Whisky 75clCrown Royal Xo Whisky 75cl

Crown Royal Xo Whisky 75cl: 4 points on 5 is the average score of Crown Royal Xo Whisky 75cl according to Uvinum users. 


 TAGS:Glenfiddich 12 YearsGlenfiddich 12 Years

Glenfiddich 12 Years: A Single Malt whisky from the Glenfiddich distillery made in Scotland with an alcohol strength of 40º. 

How to taste whisky like an expert (I)

 TAGS:Some people consider that the whisky tasting is one of the most interesting way to enjoy this drink. In order to taste whisky as an amateur it is better to learn the basic steps slowly, in order to gradually begin to differentiate the inherent flavors of each whisky.

Charles MacLean (principal writer on whisky in Scotland and whisky magazine editor) published a lesson to taste whisky, in order to learn the correct way to taste a whisky while understanding the signs that our own nose gives us to recognize the differences between them.

According to McLean, the 5 Steps of a whisky tasting are: learning to recognize the signs of smell, sensory evaluation, language of tasting, whisky classification, rating whisky by both region and flavor.

Recognize the signs of smell: If you want to taste a whisky the first thing to know is that the taste is of secondary importance when making a sensory evaluation of whisky.  First comes the nose, the organ that allows us to capture most information about the drink we are trying. The best time to conduct the tasting is mid-morning, this is because the mouth is fresh. The glass to use is ideally a tulip shaped glass, preferably in crystal to make a correct analysis of the drink.  

To continue, the water is a factor to take into account. Add up 30% by volume of whisky. For this step you have to be very careful because too much water can ruin the drink, and to simplify your life a little, you can add only one teaspoon per cup pouring gradually until you feel that the burning sensation in the nose disappears. The temperature of the water should not be cold; an ideal temperature would be 15 degrees Celsius.

When tasting it is ideal to choose a room without strong smells. If you are creating a group, attend preferably without perfumes or creams, in order not to alterate the aromas of whisky. Try not to smoke hours before the tasting, or it will affect the nonsmokers’ smell.

Want to start? Today we recommend:

 TAGS:Jameson 1LJameson 1L

Jameson 1L, an splendid irish whiskey



 TAGS:Jack Daniel's Silver SelectJack Daniel’s Silver Select

Jack Daniel’s Silver Select, one of the best from the US

The whisky’s world trends

Social events like the Whisky Lounge London Festival held in the year 2012 offer a fresh view of the new trends and whisky blends that are available on the market. These trends are discussed to provide more knowledge to those who like good whisky. They talk about the new distilleries in London, featured beverages and processes, new brands, among other things.

The Japanese Whisky is one of the trends that has gained more fame in recent years, positioning itself internationally as a favorite. I think we all remember the Japanese beverage brand Suntory for that commercial that records the protagonist of the “Lost in Translation? film. This brand has become an institution with options like Hakoshu whisky, Yamazaki and Hibiki.

For women there are also options that have been very well received in the market for its fruity and delicious flavor. Mainly, the Scottish malt whisky is one of the favorites of the women for his touch of vanilla and spicy nuances. Additionally, Jameson Irish whisky released their black barrel option, which consists of a whisky barrel burned out twice to reinforce its characteristic charred.

We rarely hear of whisky in India, but this has been successfully known over time with the brand Seven Islands. It is a single malt Scotch whisky that you should not miss if you get the chance to taste it.  Other options are available today, such a single distillation whiskies, grain whisky free to get back to the origins of Irish whiskey, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society and the triple-distilled whisky.

One constant in all of these trends is the quest for the recovery of traditional methods of production, looking to provide unsurpassed quality products.

The very new emergence tool for lovers of whisky is an applications for smartphones that helps you figure out where to get the whiskies that you like, giving you an extra resource to optimize your time.

Whisky lover? Then we recommend:

 TAGS:Jack Daniel's Silver SelectJack Daniel’s Silver Select

Jack Daniel’s Silver Select, one of the best whiskies of Jack Daniel’s Distillery



 TAGS:The Famous Grouse 1LThe Famous Grouse 1L

The Famous Grouse 1L, the best seller Whisky of Matthew Gloag & Son Ltd. in the UK

The Irish Whiskey

Whisky de Irlanda

The Irish whisky is called “whiskey“, just as Americans do with their bourbon. This whiskey is made from barley and is characterized by a triple distillation, a fact that makes it a smoother and delicate drink, compared to others of the same class. This whiskey is the most consumed in this country, Ireland, although in recent years the exportation has grown significantly.

“The word Whisky in Irish Gaelic means “uisge beatha” which translates as “water of life” and it is currently known as Whiskey.”

Elaboration of the Irish Whiskey

The Irish Whiskey has a big difference compared to others whiskeys in its production, mainly. This whiskey is made of the must obtained from some cereals such as wheat, oats, rye, being barley the main or the ingredient most used in the preparation, either malted or not.

Although it suffers some variations in its ingredients in comparison to other whiskeys, the preparation is very similar. First of all, there is a selection of cereal grains to be used and immediately proceed to mix the grain, to go to soaking them in a process called hydration and then they are submitted to their own germination, this process derives in the transformation of starch into insoluble sugar grains.

After these initial processes the grinding of grains takes place, except for the whiskey that is going to be malt, from this it is obtained a kind of pasta, which goes to fermentation for 72 hours. The result of this process is distilled three times and passed to aging or aging in oak barrels. Already in oak barrels tend to spend about 7 years or more. (4 years more of what a Scotch whiskey is aged.).

To begin our adventure with Irish whiskey, let’s start with some brands that should not be overlooked. Let’s start with Jameson, this is perhaps one of the Irish whiskeys with more history and tradition, it has been produced since 1780, today is the world’s best-selling.

Among the most notably: 

 TAGS:whiskeyJameson Vintage Reserve

One of the best reserve of the brand.

Buy Whiskey 300,31



 TAGS:whiskeyWhisky Connemara Cask Strength

Great, with the powerful aromas of the cask, intense and savory.

 TAGS:Buy whiskey 21,52



Which one do you prefer? Would you suggest us a different one?