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Grapes that are fuel

It seems that wine is much more than tasting it. Besides being delicious and offering several benefits for the body, now also serves as fuel. Yes, as you read it, let’s see how grapes can be gasoline.

A research from the University of Adelaide in Australia concludes that it is feasible to produce up to 400 litres of bioethanol through the fermentation of one ton of grape waste. That is to say, most of the carbohydrates present in these grape residues could be transformed into ethanol through a fermentation process, with a production of up to 270 litres per ton of grape waste.

But this study is not the only one that determined that grapes have this power, as a Gironde company has developed a fuel based on grape waste. That is why, after the study and its application in the company, there are those who predict that bioethanol could become a clear alternative to gasoline and diesel.

Grapes as fuel

Specifically, Citram Aquitaine has the Interlink LD Euro 6 bus from Scania, and is committed to a vehicle adapted to long distance travel that works with bioethanol produced by Raisinor France Alcools. The bus of this company does not work with diesel, like many others present in the market, but with fuel made from grape waste, that is, the solid part of the berry after the extraction of juice.

The alcohol contained in this residue will be extracted and distilled to obtain ED95, which is translated into bioethanol, which emits 95% less CO² than a conventional fuel. This way, we also obtain a type of sustainable fuel that does not harm the environment, something that has long been pursued as an alternative to other energies.

In addition, it is a “km 0” biofuel because the waste is collected in the vineyards of the Gironde, in the same area. This month of November the bus already will circulate with this bioethanol and will operate between the areas of Mont-de-Marsan and Dax.

grapes as fuel

As explained by the company, its production potential would supply 1,000 vehicles locally. And they comment that by using the waste products of the local wine industry to manufacture the fuel that is used in some of their vehicles, they are joining the green intelligence movement.

A vehicle with ED95 consumes more because the production of ethanol is half that of diesel, and it is more expensive to buy compared to a vehicle of such characteristics. The bioethanol-diesel comparison is important because it represents 50% less nitrogen oxides and 70% less particles.

 TAGS:Terras de Alleu 2016

Terras de Alleu 2016

Terras de Alleu 2016 is an uncomplicated wine from Douro.

 TAGS:Terras de Alleu Branco 2016

Terras de Alleu Branco 2016

Good does not always have to be expensive!

Exotic wines are on the rise

Global wine market is constantly changing. In addition to the usual grapes, there seems to be a tendency to consume rather unknown grapes, which therefore produce exotic wines. These are more authentic grapes and have not been heavily manipulated in the production process.

Why exotic wines are fashionable

Millennial current

Apparently, millennials are strong consumers of wine. This generation, always hyperconnected, shows the wines they drink on the social media, and what they want, in part, is to differentiate themselves from their parents, who opt for more classic grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Being different

Another reason is because “different” is a trend. And for this reason, they prefer rather rare and indigenous grapes, and also historical varieties that at some point were almost forgotten, but that have resurfaced again.

exotic wines

Experimentation of the wineries

As “different” is fashionable, more and more wineries dare to experiment with new varieties, many of them brought from different countries. Then some producers are responsible for the exotic wines being increasingly on the rise.

Some examples

Some exotic varieties that we can find on the market are Petit Verdot, which comes from Bordeaux, cradle of wine. It is a variety that gives an aromatic profile and offers colour and spicy notes. We are also hearing a lot about Bonarda, an autochthonous grape from Savoy, France, which brings a very dark colour to the wines. It also offers aromas of red fruits, with soft tannins.

It should be noted that Italy is a country where several hundred indigenous varieties are grown. Abruzzo is the most frequent region, with varieties such as Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina and Cococciola increasingly sought after. In many areas they focus on the organic production of grapes, so the flavours of dry lemon and mineral are the most prominent.

exotic wines

There is also California, where Mourvédre stands out, and here the customers are not so much millennials but middle-aged (47 years average). Georgia is another rising market in this type of exotic wines, followed by Greece, Sicily, Austria and there are also increasingly “rare” varieties in Spain. The good thing is that all kinds of grapes can coexist, from the classic ones to the ones that maybe one day will become more known.

 TAGS:Trapiche Estacion 1883 Bonarda 2017

Trapiche Estacion 1883 Bonarda 2017

Trapiche Estacion 1883 Bonarda 2017 is a unique red wine from Argentina

No, wine will not replace your workout, but it can help you


A couple of years ago, a researcher and scientist at the University of Alberta, in Canada, Jason Dyck, published a study on the relationship between an element found in many foods, including grapes, called resveratrol and physical activity.

To the surprise of many, including scientists involved in the investigation, it was found that resveratrol shows very similar results to those that can be observed after a hard workout. Jason Dyck says that this element can help improve physical performance or help those who are unable to perform this type of activity because of limitations such as cardiovascular problems or exhaustion, among others.

While all this is true, much of the people, especially the Internet, has been convinced that drinking wine is a better alternative than going to the gym and sweat, and that is something that is not entirely true. Scientist Dyck has already conducted several interviews to try to clear up this confusion. First of all, Dyck says that physical activity can never be replaced by anything and is necessary to maintain a healthy body.

But not everything is bad news. Jason has continued his research and concluded that resveratrol could be used as an additive to increase performance when exercising. It also concluded with what we all know: a glass of wine a day is recommended for health benefits such as reducing bad cholesterol, prevention of various cancers and slowing of brain decline, among many others illnesses. So now that you know, go and exercise and, at the end, reward yourself with a fresh and nice well-deserved glass of wine.

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Hacienda López de Haro Crianza 2014



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Beronia Reserva 2011

Wine in the evening helps your heart


The benefits of wine are always increasing. There are new studies that ratify it, and now, specifically one from Israel, which states that a glass of red wine in the evening helps caring our heart.

This research, called “Effects of moderate alcohol consumption on cardiometabolic risk in adults with type 2 diabetes”, has been made with the Harvard School of Public Health, in the United States, and the University of Leipzig in Germany. This study has given some conclusions which state that drinking wine at night can protect the heart.

In addition, some findings in the field of diabetes were demonstrated, since the study sample was conducted with adults with type 2 diabetes, as well as people without any disease. For the sample, those people had to drink 150 millilitres of mineral water, white wine or red wine.

The most people had healthy diets, marked by the healthy Mediterranean diet, with major differences in drinks by type of wine or water. Among the conclusions, after some days, the cholesterol levels are much lower for those who drank a glass of wine in the evening.

The study found that people who drank white and red wine had better sleep quality than those who drank water. The researchers said that red wine offers more properties in a general way, not only to prevent heart disease.

Always with a moderate consumption of red wine, diabetics improve also by reducing cardiovascular risk. Clearly it is always combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Researchers believe that what has been discovered helps identifying which diabetic patients consuming red wine at night have improved.

As has happened before, the antioxidants of red grapes are key to these general benefits.

 TAGS:Pesquera Crianza 2011Pesquera Crianza 2011

Pesquera Crianza 2011 is a Ribera del Duero from the Tinto Pesquera cellar based on the best of tinta fina and tempranillo from 2011 and 13º of alcohol.



 TAGS:Pruno 2013Pruno 2013

Pruno 2013, a red wine of the Ribera del Duero DO with the best bunches of 2013 tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon and with an alcohol proof of 13.5º. 



The Italian grape Nebbiolo

 TAGS:The wines of Italy are recognized all around the world, and their character and good taste are due to grape varieties such as Nebbiolo, typical of the Piedmont region in northern Italy. It’s a really valued red grape variety, grown only in this region and in some South American countries, but to a small extent.

The intense dark color is quite characteristic of other varieties of red grapes and it has a somewhat late maturation (sometimes, around November) than other red grapes that originate here. The wines elaborated from Nebbiolo grapes thanks are high quality and offer an intense ruby and burgundy color.

Its aroma is varied: ripe fruit (cherry, plum…), truffles (abundant in this Italian area), wood… and the flavor is strong and slightly acidic. Bear in mind that these are wines with an important alcohol content, which is usually about 14°, approximately.

The variety is used for the elaboration of two of the most distinctive wines in Italy, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, both with Appellation of Origin and usually high priced. The Barolo has a higher production than Barbaresco, which we found only in three specific locations in the same region.

So, which dishes can be paired with this wine? If we consider that the Piedmont mixes French and typical Italian dishes, this grape variety is perfect for beef, lamb or game. But it also pairs with cheeses, risottos and some pasta dishes, often matched with different creams and sauces. The truffle, as we already mentioned, is found in the forests of Piedmont, and makes an excellent couple with the Nebbiolo grape, provided that we can afford it.

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Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Montefico Riserva 2004



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Massolino Barolo 2008