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Wine from … Mars?

Georgia, Georgian wine, Wine, Wine from Mars

Martian wine may seem totally surreal and very much like science fiction. We are likely to think like that because humans have not yet set foot on the red planet. But we have already taken some very important steps in that direction. We have sent satellites and space crafts to Mars that are exploring this faraway world at this very moment. And with our discoveries so far, some people have also raised the question whether it would be possible to make wine on Mars.

Grapes for Wine from Mars: Where Did the Idea Originate?

Is it all a joke? Not at all. The outlandish idea originated in Georgia, a country that boasts of winemaking traditions going back thousands of years. The founders of this project believe that Georgia, with its proud history of viticulture, should also be the pioneers of introducing winemaking on Mars.

Apparently, a group of researchers and Georgian businessmen have joined an appeal from NASA to produce greenhouse varieties of vines and grapes that are suitable for growing on Mars. The so-called IX Millennium project is in the hands of the Georgian space research agency, the Tbilisi University of Commerce and Technology, the National Museum and a company named Space Farms.

A Futuristic Project

The project seems to be serious. One of the scientists working on this project is developing a bacterium that could transform the arid and dusty soil of Mars into fertile land. The long-term intention is to transform the soil of Mars so we can start growing plants.

Another aim of the project is to produce a variety of grape that is indigenous to Georgia. The researchers have therefore studied the 525 varieties in the country. The first results conclude that it might be possible to use the variety called Rkatsiteli. This variety is normally used to produce white wine and it has notes of green apple.

The Georgian grape varieties are tested in an environment here on earth that mimics that of Mars. By creating similar conditions, we get an idea of how they develop in this specific atmosphere. They plan to produce wine from these grapes to get a clearer indication of whether, in the future, it is possible to make wine with grapes from Mars.

Georgia, Georgian wine, Wine, Wine from Mars

However, the process to produce the first bottle of Martian wine will be very long. The Georgian researchers do not need to hurry. Most importantly, NASA must first continue to explore the territory and find a way to get to Mars safely.

Georgian Wine

According to history, the Georgian territories are the areas of origin of the vine shoots and the birthplace of viticulture. Winemaking tools, such as wine presses and different wine containers made of metal or clay, have been found during geological excavations in the territory. There is archaeological evidence for grape wine and viticulture dating all the way back to the early Neolithic period.

The region with the highest wine production lies in the eastern part of the country, a region called ”Kajeti”. This region is still the centre of Georgian winemaking to this day. The grape harvest is taken to the marani or winery, where the grapes are deposited in the sacjenli or wooden containers like hollow trunks.

Only time will tell whether Georgia will also claim the title as the cradle of Martian wine. But for now, they have an undeniable claim to being the pioneers of winemaking on Planet Earth.

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Oldest Wine Discovered in Georgia


Wine lovers do not only look for news to know more about the sector. They also aspire to learn some curiosities. For example, we just discovered that the oldest wine in the world is about 8,000 years old. The latest excavations in Georgia shows that the first recorded winemaking activity took place during the Neolithic period, around 6,000 BC. It means 600 to 1,000 years before the time specialists previously thought.

About 50 kilometres out of Tbilisi, archaeologists were working in two Neolithic sites known as Gadachrili Gora and Shulaveris Gora. There, they excavated remains of ceramics used between 6,000 and 4,500 BC. Researchers believe this to be the oldest example of the domestication of a wild-growing Eurasian vine solely for the production of wine. Indeed, after analysing eight jars, they discovered millenary remnants of tartaric acid, a substance that enable them to affirm it contained wine.

The archaeological investigation led by the University of Toronto and the team of the National Museum of Georgia are the remains of two populations dating from the Neolithic, which began around 15.200 BC.

Furthermore, researchers explain that ceramic was ideal for the processing, storing and serving of fermented beverages and that it already existed in the Neolithic. Moreover, the team describes Near East societies where drinking and offering wine was important in many aspects of life (e.g. special celebrations, at a religious cult).

Finally, additional conclusions based on these remains declare that the Eurasian vine ‘Vitis vinifera’ abounded around the sites, being comparable to regions producing ‘premium’ wine such as contemporary Italy or Southern France.

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