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Christmas dinners in Europe

Soup, seafood, nougat and cava will be present in many Spanish tables this Christmas, but what usually eat and drink during the Christmas dinners in the rest of Europe? Let’s do a review of some of them. Take note if you want to incorporate some dishes into your menus!

Christmas dinners in England

As you already know, in Anglo-Saxon countries there are plenty of sweets and desserts, therefore, at Christmas puddings of different flavours with seasonal fruits are common, in addition to ginger cookies that can be decorated with Christmas designs and cakes as the Yule log. But before, the English eat roast turkey accompanied by side dishes such as potatoes. To drink, as is often quite cold, Mulled Wine is a tradition, being a hot wine with sugar and other spices.

Christmas dinners in Belgium

Turkey is repeated to eat at Christmas dinner, and sweets run through the holidays. During the dinner is usually eaten a dessert made with cream, in addition to the special and differently flavoured Belgian chocolates. Champagne and wine from France or Italy are the preferred drinks for Belgians.

Christmas dinners in Italy

Christmas dinner in Italy mix capon and turkey with different types of fish. The dessert is known worldwide: panettone and pandoro. Besides Italian D.O. wines to drink, it is also frequent the mulled wine and fruits.

Christmas dinners in Sweden

In the countries of northern Europe drinks also must be hot, so the Swedes drink julmust, with malt and hops, in addition to delicious fish, ham, chocolate candy and gingerbread cookies.

Christmas dinners in Germany

The combination of dishes is rich, so we can find lamb, duck and fish. As in other countries, it’s usually a family dinner, in which each member receives dishes with fruits and varied sweets. And mulled wine, which in this case is a mixture of red wine, lemon, cinnamon, cloves or other spices, and sugar. Besides champagne, also not lacking in the German Christmas tables.

Christmas dinners in Spain

Seafood, fish, soups, Iberic ham have always a highlighted place in Christmas dinners, and so have sweets. The so-called “turrones”, also known as Nougat (a family of confections made with sugar or honey, roasted nuts, whipped egg whites, and sometimes chopped candied fruit) are equally important in Christmas dinners, as much as wine and sparkling wines.

 TAGS:Moët & Chandon Brut ImpérialMoët & Chandon Brut Impérial

Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial:  a sparkling wine from Champagne DO of the best of pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes and 12,5º of alcohol strength.



 TAGS:Pol Roger Brut RéservePol Roger Brut Réserve

Pol Roger Brut Réserve: a wine sparkling with DO Champagne a based on pinot noir and pinot meunier and 12.5º of alcohol. 



What to Prepare for Christmas dinner?


At this point, you probably already know what you are going to cook for Christmas dinner. But if you are in need of inspiration, we have compiled articles to help you. Find out our suggestions to celebrate the holiday season with the best food:

Ideas to make Christmas dinner easier

  • Christmas culinary traditions in Spain
  • Christmas dinners in Europe
  • The Christmas drinks you didn’t you needed
  • The best cheeses in the world to serve at Christmas
  • The perfect gift

Christmas culinary traditions in Spain

The typical Spanish Christmas requires the company of your friends and family and traditional locally-produced food such as Iberian ham and cheese for starters, while fish, turkey or red meat will be served as the main dish. The indispensable dessert will probably include Turrones, a Spanish variation of Nougat. Naturally, Spanish wines and sparkling will accompany the whole menu.

Christmas dinners in Europe

Soup, seafood, nougat and cava will be present at many Spanish tables this Christmas, but what do other Europeans usually drink and eat as Christmas dinners? Discover here how our neighbours celebrate Christmas. You might find some new ideas to improve your own Christmas this year.

The Christmas drinks you didn’t you needed

Autumn and Winter might just be the most underrated seasons when it comes to trying out new cocktails or punches. However, the last months of the year are ripe with occasions to discover your next favourite drink. After Guy Fawkes and Halloween, the holiday season arrives to give you new reasons to go out. Autumn drinks and Christmas cocktails are the new fad. Don’t miss it!

The best cheeses in the world to serve at Christmas

On this occasion, we have selected the best cheeses in the world to serve at Christmas. A small guide that will help you when choosing which of these delicacies to bring to your table during these festivities and with which wines to combine them.

The perfect gift

Besides the eating and drinking, Christmas is first and foremost the ideal occasion to spend quality time with your loved ones. Therefore, you might be looking for that special gift which will express your affection perfectly. That is why Uvinum has been on the lookout for the best gastronomic gifts on the market. Alternatively, if you prefer to find a great wine but feel a bit lost, we dedicated an article to help you navigate the world of wines.

 TAGS:Aviva Pink GoldAviva Pink Gold

Aviva Pink Gold, a Spanish sparkling wine from made with moscatel and airén and  ideally combined with salt cake and almonds.


 TAGS:Carta Nevada DulceCarta Nevada Dulce

Carta Nevada Dulce, a sparkling wine from Cava produced with xarel·lo, viura, parellada and macabeo grapes.

The Best Wine Choices For Christmas Dinner


Yes, it is that time of year … Christmas is on our doorsteps and time has come to choose the best wines to drink and offer as gifts for Christmas. However, finding the most appropriate red, white or rosé is not the easiest undertaking considering the growing number of options.

If you need to give wine as a Christmas gift, you might want to take into consideration the personality of the person, and, obviously, their tastes and preferences. You could opt for a specific DO (Denomination de Origen), as your loved one could have a personal relationship with a region or as a way to remember a shared memory. It is also a possibility to let someone discover your own homeland through its terroir.

If you know the person well, don’t hesitate to be daring and score wine cellars for unusual combinations, exotic locations or audacious looks. On the other hand, if you want to impress your family-in-law, you might want to invest in a classic from a traditional country. 

Pairing Wines for Christmas Dinner

If in addition to wine as a gift, you need something that goes with dinner. Once you have a clear menu in mind, you can start looking for the appropriate wines to serve with the dishes. However, you may be wondering what type of wine to drink with fish dishes, or how to wine with lamb the best.

The key to pairing wine with dishes lies in the type of grape. The varietals will guide you through choosing one type of wine or another. The red wines are traditionally associated with the meat and the main dish. For instance, the Cabernet Sauvignon is ideal to accompany heavier dishes rich in fat and umami while the Merlot is softer and nicely complements traditional Italian cuisine like pasta or lasagna. You can also choose wines with several varietals to enjoy a richer and more complex experience. 

On the other hand, sparklings and white wines are often drunk with seafood and fish. Indeed, Cavas and Proseccos have a light, cheerful and fruity character which are infallible. You can also choose mineral white wines, which tend to be fruity, fresh and with a good acidity. Here again, the varietals’ features will help you make the best choice. For example, Chardonnay grapes are wide, versatile and refreshing whereas Riesling is aromatic, delicate, and expressive.

 TAGS:Terras de Alleu 2013Terras de Alleu 2013

Terras de Alleu 2013, a red wine from the Douro Region that contains Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca.


 TAGS:José Pariente Verdejo 2016José Pariente Verdejo 2016

José Pariente Verdejo 2016, a white wine with the best Verdejo grapes from the 2016 vintage.


A great proposal for your Christmas menu paired with the best wines!

Doubts about your Christmas dinner? A proposal for your Christmas menu paired with the best wines. Certainly a resounding success!

Christmas is around the corner and we are sure that you are already thinking in your menu. Let yourself be inspired by our menu paired with the best wines, sparkling wines and liqueurs to ensure that you will seduce your commensals with one of your best allies.



Prawn cocktail

The best meal deserves a great appetiser. An option? Taste a prawn cocktail with a quality sparkling. ¡A winner combination!

 TAGS:Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé BrutLaurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut



Main course

Christmas turkey

The traditional Christmas table is always crowned with a big roast turkey. And a big roast turkey needs a wine at its level. So, if you choose this plate, you will need a bordeaux blended with a combination of power and elegance.

 TAGS:Kanonkop Paul Sauer 2010

Kanonkop Paul Sauer 2010

Kanonkop Paul Sauer 2010



Side dishe

Brussels sprouts gratin with bacon, cream and almonds

And so it happens with the side dish: your turkey will be the best turkey ever if you accompany it with this seasoned brussels sprouts and another glass of this great wine.


Simonsig “labyrinth” Cabernet Sauvignon 2008

Simonsig “labyrinth” Cabernet Sauvignon 2008




Irish cream and chocolate cheesecake

To end a meal of such a quality, what better than a soft and sweet dessert paired with a delicious liqueur? A great end to a great start!

 TAGS:Orujo Pazo de Señorans 50cl

Orujo Pazo de Señorans 50cl

Orujo Pazo de Señorans 50cl


Feel like this paired menu? Find the selection of products at Uvinum and enjoy a more than excellent paired menu. And, if you are running out of ideas, you can always read other inspiring articles for your Christmas celebretions. Don’t miss them!

*Images: Flickr y Uvinum

Digestive cocktails to be able to face more Christmas dinners

 TAGS:Christmas sometimes does not give us a breath and we might think that we are being stuffed to be taken to the slaughterhouse on January… Have you never had that feeling that you could not eat anything again in a day? Yes, you can be so full. Normally this usually happens at Christmas and when it happens, sometimes there is no choice but to replace next day fasting required for one more day?s journey stuffing oneself. The solution to get back to a table full face is choosing the right wine aperitif.

Sometimes, a good cocktail is the ideal remedy to reopen appetite so we can have the strength again to face three courses, dessert, candies and digestion. Today, however, we will not talk of liquors and spirits, but instead we will focus on the wines, which can also perform this function to get us to go hungry again.

I will divide my suggestions for wine aperitif in three parts: vermouth, sherry and manzanilla.

Vermouth: since I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the Catalan traditions at snack time, among which there are taking some chips with salsa Espinaler, I quickly joined it. How good it is!. But of course, as what helps prepare the stomach for another feast is to drink something, we will replace this snack for its drinkable version: Espinaler Vermouth Blanc and Espinaler Vermouth Negre. There is something for everyone.

Manzanilla: Manzanilla Fina Barbadillo and Manzanilla La Gitana. As soon as you have the glass in your hand you feel like for asking for olives. Oh! I already forgot that I was full. It must be the Sanlucar de Barrameda effect which makes us ready for party and revelry, no matter where we are.

Fine wines from Jerez: Lustau Palo Cortado Peninsula 2010 leads a list in which Tio Pepe or Fino La Ina cannot be missed as they are two of the leading exponents of this type of wine. For those who prefer to run away of classic in order to embark on other adventures, I would recommend Sauci S’Naranja, an outstanding alternative in color, flavor and nuances with its combination of Pedro Ximenez and Palomino Fino grapes.

Avoid the hangover: use a patch

 TAGS:A patch that helps that it cannot be noticed how stoned you are: what a discovery! and how good timing. Now that company Christmas dinners have gone and half of the staff is working extra hours on the internet looking for: the best tricks to not get drunk at dinner company, how to avoid a hangover or deep reading of this type …

Then the invention of the year came, before its arrival the only patch to hide the visible symptoms of a hangover was that one you could put in the eye like a pirate to hide those veins that cross the eyeball from side to side, covering that drooping eyelid that is the very picture of sadness and those pupils as pins who cannot stand the light even wearing sunglasses and the having the eye closed.

Indeed, although in the United States these patches are still for sale, in the UK the invention could be bought only for a week. We do not know if it was sold out or not. It must be something to do with beer pints, you never feel bad after a beer night in the pub.

But then, I do not see it as practical. Although you don?t need to put it in the eye (thank goodness!) The downside is that you have to plan its use ahead. To me that is a shame and makes you miss all the fun of the unexpected.

If you want to get the desired effect that you expect from the patch you have to place it somewhere hairless in the body three quarters of an hour before the start of alcohol intake. For some people it can get to be a problem finding a hairless area in their bodies, others will think that the hair will disappear from the area anyway and for purely mechanical reasons when you take off the patch after ten mixed drinks…

Leonard Grossman, its inventor, argues that this is a very beneficial thing because, for as long as it remains in contact with the skin, it releases folic acid and A, K, E and D vitamins. Its detractors, among its disadvantages find that it does not reduce blood alcohol levels so it may create a false sense of security for users, such conditions lead them to think that they can drive the car after sticking the bash.

This time I’m sure I will not try, as I have another secret to never having a hangover. But those who are tired of celery and tomato juice combined with Paracetamol the morning “after” may consider it as an alternative.

Christmas with ready meals, the most convenient option


Once again, we come to one of the most magical times of the year, Christmas, where we gather with family, friends, co-workers…

It’s time for parties and also meetings, endless family and business lunches and dinners in which we usually cook for many people, offering the finest food, and always ending exhausted.

But this year will be different. You will not spend time in the kitchen and you’ll be much more with your guests. What do you think? To have a great success on your Christmas dinner, choose quality and gourmet ready meals; they are a delight for any palate.

It’s best to buy a variety of dishes for everyone to be happy, some of which will be typical of this holidays. One advantage of these dishes is that they are ready in 15 minutes. Simply heat, perhaps seasoning to taste and offer a good presentation with proper utensils. We advise to provide small portions in several dishes as a tasting.

How about start the dinner with a lobster bisque? Totally tempting! You know: Heat and ready. Then we recommend a totally exquisite specialty: beef cheeks with Garnacha sauce, a dish of the Pyrenees which your guests can enjoy with a Rioja red wine, that will certainly fill a lot of tables during the holidays.

And for those who prefer fish, fillet of northern tuna in tomato sauce is a perfect and delicious option which allows to include roasted potatoes or other vegetables you prefer.

To accompany, we can use other less consistent dishes such as pickled quail drumsticks, masked potatoes with black butifarra (typical Catalan), peppers stuffed with partridge, mini chorizos in cider… In short, variety is the spice with these special dishes that you will not have to cook. Do not forget the wines for the Christmas lunch and dinner… and the typical Christmas desserts, and maybe some gifts (you will have to provide them!).

Christmas dinner: Wine

 TAGS:cena de navidadNow is the time, we have the the great dinner, the guests, the champagne to toast and glasses after, but what wine should we serve? What wonderful Bacchus liquor for pairing such a varied dinner as the Christmas one?

There are many tips to pair such complex menus, but the most important of all is: There is not just one formula to cope up with a dinner pairing. Once we recognize this, what we can do is provide you with a number of useful tips for you to choose the wines you want to serve at your Christmas dinner. Shall we know them?

  • You should always have in mind that this is usually a dinner party. So try to keep in mind not only your tastes, but especially, the ones of your closest family.
  • If wine is not in the preferences of your guests, do not try to convince them with bold pairings that awaken their senses. The priority is to have fun, so take the wine they bring to you, if they do, and spend your money on Christmas gifts.
  • The most consistent on pairing wines, ranges from dry and smooth to the most powerful wines and sweet wines too. But, considering the tastes of everybody, the best option is to suggest a pairing type, and at the same time put at their disposal of all your guests the choose  wines, so that each one chooses the one they like, whenever they feel like. Someone may prefer a single wine though all meal, or others may prefer to take different ones from the very beginning, it is their choice.
  • The holidays are the best times to begin with a white wine area, because many of the white wines of the vintage 2011 are just here and will be fresh and full of flavors. One of the first out was Gessamí 2011, the great white from Gramona.
  • As the dishes appear we should arise the power of wine, among other things because the nose and palate are saturated and do not appreciate the aromas so easily. It’s time for rather thick red grapes and wines of long aging, such as Viña Ardanza Reserva Especial 2001, a Rioja wine that is among the favorites of the Uviners.
  • Sweet wine is the favorite to finish the meal. In Spain we have a sweet tooth by nature, Christmas candy assortment is vast and abundant after dinner, so a glass of Enrique Mendoza Moscatel de la Marina 2010, for example, help us finish a more than pleasant dinner.

And above all, enjoy the moment. Think that it might have been a tough year, but there is a better one on the way. Enjoy!

If you want a couple of wines that everyone can enjoy, here are our two successful proposals:

 TAGS:Rúa Blanco 2010Rúa Blanco 2010

One of the wines about which there’s been a lot of talking this year. Young, fat and easy to drink, a wine with a very good price to accompany the entrees.

 TAGS:Buy Rúa Blanco 2010 4,25?

 TAGS:Pago de los Capellanes Crianza 2008Pago de los Capellanes Crianza 2008

One of the best Ribera del Duero, powerful flavor but with fine tannins and perfectly ensambled. Wonderful.

Buy Pago de los Capellanes Crianza 2008 16,80?