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Seven Insanely Creative Vodka Bottles

The most iconic example of a brand harnessing the power of design to promote its product is undeniably Absolut Vodka. Indeed, the arrival of the Absolut Company shifted the focus away from the product to its container and it has been one of the uncontested leaders thanks to its minimalist bottle shape, appealing colours and various limited editions.

Nevertheless, the competition quickly adapted and over the years we have witnessed a growing care given to the bottle. In a market always more competitive, some companies did not hesitate to go all the way and to up the ante to new highs. At Uvinum, we selected some of the most creative vodka bottle designs currently available on the market. 

Precious Vodka

Easily recognisable thanks to its diamond shape, Precious Vodka was designed by Precious Vodka with the clear ambition to offer a Premium Luxury Vodka to its consumers. Besides its crystalline aspect, it also contains an actual gem such as sapphire, emerald, ruby, topaz, peridot and amber. 


Crystal Head Aurora Vodka

With multiple awards from prestigious international contests, Crystal Head Aurora Vodka can boast an excellent taste along with a unique design thanks to its bottle shaped like a skull. Moreover, you will appreciate the mesmerising colours reminding us of the northern lights. 


Outerspace Vodka

If we start talking about skull-shaped bottles, it becomes necessary to mention the Outerspace Vodka. This time, the source of inspiration is the extraterrestrials, an appropriate choice for a vodka filtered through meteorites. A great drink for a cosmic experience. 


Firestarter Vodka

The Firestarter Vodka produced by an eponymous company and ironically in the shape of a fire extinguisher will deliver what its name promises: firing up your parties. This eye-catching product from Moldova has all the advantages: a great taste (5 distillations), an original design and an affordable price.


Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov

This design is quite straightforward in what it is supposed to evoke, Russia, its army, and its vodka-making tradition. Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov is displayed in a box similar to the unfamous Ak 47 Kalashnikov and contains a gun-shaped vodka bottle, six shot glasses (no pun intended) and a grenade filled with herbal liquor. 


Vodka Bong Spirit Yosoh

A possible tribute to the relaxed approach to drugs of the Dutch, the Vodka Bong Spirit Yosoh combines the vices with its bong-shaped bottle filled with premium Dutch vodka. Not the most subtle design but it definitely belongs to current representations of what the country can offer. 


The Ladoga Imperial Collection

We kept the most impressive bottle for the end. With its Imperial Collection, the Ladoga company really created an exclusive product whose outrageous price can only be explained by the incredible design. This vodka honours Russia’s two most outstanding export successes: traditional vodka and the Fabergé eggs. 


 TAGS:Absolut Vodka 1LAbsolut Vodka 1L

Absolut Vodka 1L is distilled with natural resources such as pure Swedish spring water and winter wheat. Discover the Swedish vodka-making tradition.


 TAGS:Vodka Finlandia 1LVodka Finlandia 1L

Vodka Finlandia 1L whose distillation requires six-row barley growing under the midnight sun and the icy spring waters. Uncover the Finnish soul with this unique vodka. 

Vodka distillation process

 TAGS:Has anyone heard of Jean Marc XO Vodka? And more importantly has anyone tasted it? Today it goes about vodkas but rather than talking about brands of vodka (that we all know by heart), I wanted to devote a few lines to the importance of the distillation process, which directly influences the quality and outcome of the drink.

The vodka brand that I mentioned in previous lines holds the record for being the one that is most times distilled in the world, no more and no less than nine times. Clearly, the price soars, especially in comparison with other vodka brands, and precisely why and because of how special it is it should not be mixed (needless to say, but just in case).

Common vodkas usually have two or three distillations in total. It is sometimes carried out in a continuous distillation process and other isolated stills are used. The latter method is known as pot still distillation and it is the one used for making the Jean Marc XO vodka.

The size of the stills also influences the quality of the resulting vodka. It is not the same a distillation which takes place in forty meters space than other which does it in ten. The capacity of the stills depends on the type of production that is sought. In other words: it will depend on how industrial is the distillery or on the importance they give to the process and the product itself.

The same applies to almost any other product that may be marketed: it is not the same a costume made shirt than the one you can buy in a supermarket chain, it is not the same selected vintage red wine than a table one. The price is not the same either, but the experience and the feelings are worth it.

Among the most desirable vodkas we have Absolut, an example of those which are obtained from a continuous distillation process. Belvedere vodka is distilled four times, which sounds like few if we compare it with the six distillations that are carried out to obtain the vodka Alpha Noble. Russian Standard Imperia is one of the most exclusive and has eight distillations under its favour.

Vodka lovers should pay attention to this part of the process but also to the filtering phase, especially with regard to the material used for the filter, which even though is usually wood, it can come from apple, birch or French oak tree, as is the case of the vodka we mentioned at the beginning of the post, with the resulting difference in the outcome.