Synonyms for grape names (part III)


Albano, canine Tosca…

No, we are not talking about artists, or operas, or animals. Today we will continue with the different names that grapes may receive.
Grapes receive very curious names sometimes. Some of them are very old and others which end up passing. Lets know more about synonyms of grapes names. How many can you identify?

Sangiovese – is one of the most famous Italian grapes, one of the oldest and her name means “Blood of Jupiter”, but it is also knownas Brunello, Brunello Di Montalcino, Calabrese, Cardisco, Cordisio, Dolcetto Precoce, Ingannacane, Lambrusco Mendoza, Maglioppa, Montepulciano, Morellino, Morellone, Negretta, Nerino, Niella, Nielluccia, Nielluccio, Pigniuolo Rosso, Pignolo, Plant Romain, Primaticcio, Prugnolo, Prugnolo Di Montepulciano, Prugnolo Gentile, Prugnolo Gentile Di Montepulciano, Riminese, San Zoveto, Sancivetro, Sangineto, Sangiovese Dal Cannello Lungo, Sangiovese Di Lamole, Sangiovese Di Romagna, Sangiovese Dolce, Sangiovese Gentile, Sangiovese Grosso, Sangiovese Nostrano, Sangiovese Toscano, Sangioveto Dell’Elba, Sangioveto Dolce, Sangioveto Grosso, Sangioveto Montanino, Sanvincetro, Sanzoveto, Tignolo, Tipsa, Toustain, Abruzzi grape, Tosca grape, Uvetta, San Gioveto, brunella grape and Canina grape.

Chenin – This white grape of French originis produced in almost allwine producing countries, is also known as: Anjou, Blanc d’Aunis, Capbreton Blanc (Landes, Francia), Confort, Coue Fort, Cruchinet, Cugnette, Feher Chenin, Franc Blanc, Franche, Gout Fort, Luarskoe, Pineau d’Anjou, Pineau de Briollay, Pineau de la Loire, Pineau de Savennières, Pineau Gros, Pineau Gros de Vouvray, Pineau Nantais, Plant de Brézé , Romorantin, Plant de Salces, Plant de Salles, Plant du Clair de Lune, Quefort, Rajoulin, Rouchalin, Rougelin, Steen (Sudáfrica), Stein, Tête de Crabe, Vaalblaar Stein, Verdurant, Blanc d’Anjou, Gros Chenin, Gros Pinot Blanc de la Loire, Plant d’Anjou and  Gamet blanc.

Riesling – This grape originated in central Europe, is one of the most popular in Germany, that is why it receives so many synonyms as: Beregi Riesling, Beyaz Riesling, Biela Grasevina, Dinca Grasiva Biela, Edelriesling, Edle Gewuerztraube, Feher Rajnai, Gentil Aromatique, Gentile Aromatique, Gewuerzriesling, Gewuerztraube, Graefenberger, Graschevina, Grasevina Rajnska, Grauer Riesling, Grobriesling, Hochheimer, Johannisberg, Johannisberger, Karbacher Riesling, Kastellberger, Kis Rizling, Kleigelberger, Kleiner Riesling, Kleinriesler, Kleinriesling, Klingelberger, Krauses, Krausses Roessling, Lipka, Moselriesling, Niederlaender, Oberkircher, Oberlaender, Petit Rhin, Petit Riesling, Petracine, Pfaelzer, Pfefferl, Piros Rajnai Rizling, Pussilla, Raisin Du Rhin, Rajinski Rizling, Rajnai Rizling, Rajnski Ruzling, Rano, Reichsriesling, Reissler, Remo, Rendu, Reno, Renski Rizling, Rezlik, Rezlin, Rezlink, Rhein Riesling, Rheingauer, Rheinriesling, Rhiesling, Riesler, Riesling Bianco, Riesling Blanc, Riesling De Rhin, Riesling Echter Weisser, Riesling Edler, Riesling Gelb Mosel E43, Riesling Giallo, Riesling Grosso, Riesling Gruener Mosel, Riesling Mosel, Riesling Reinskii, Riesling Rhenan, Riesling Rhine, Rieslinger, Rislinenok, Rislinok, Rizling Linner, Rizling Rajinski, Rizling Rajnai, Rizling Rajnski, Rizling Reinskii, Rizling Rynsky, Roessling, Rohac, Rossling, Rosslinger, Ruessel, Ruessling, Russel, Ryn-Riesling, Ryzlink Rynsky, Starosvetske, Starovetski, Szuerke Rizling, Pussila grape and Weisser Riesling.

Trebbiano – This is a white grape which originates in the Eastern Mediterranean at the Roman times. Also known as: Albano, biancone, blanc auba, blanc de cadillac, blancoun, bobiano, bonebeou, branquinha, brocanico, bubbiano, buriano, buzzetto, cadillac, cadillate, castelli, castelli romani, castillone, chator, clairette d’Afrique, clairette de Vence, clairette ronde, engana rapazes, espadeiro branco, falanchina, greco, gredelin, hermitage white, juni blan, lugana, malvasía fina, muscadet aigre, padeiro branco, perugino, procanico, procanico dell’isola d’Elba, procanico portoferraio, queue de Renard, romani, rossan de Nice, rossetto, rossola, rossula, roussan, roussea, rusciola, saint emilion, saint emilion des Charentes, santoro, shiraz white, spoletino, talia, trebbianello, trebbiano, trebbiano della fiamma, trebbiano di Cesene, trebbiano di Empoli, trebbiano di Lucca, trebbiano di Tortona, trebbiano fiorentino, trebbiano toscano, trebbianone, tribbiano, tribbiano forte, turbiano, ugni blanc, trebbiano di Soave, trebbiano romagnolo, trebbiano gallo, bouan, beau, thalia and trebbiano d’Abruzzo.

Pedro Ximenez – This is a grape originally from Spain muscat type, also known as: Ximénez, Jimenez, Ximénès, Pedro, Pedro Giménez, Pedro Jimenez, Pedro Khimenes, Pedro Ximénès, Pedro Ximenes De Jerez, Pedro Ximenez De Montilla, Pero Ximen, Pasa Rosada De Malaga, Uva Pero Ximenez, Uva Pero Ximen, Pero Ximenez, Alamis De Totana, Uva Totanera, Alamis, Myuskadel, Ximenecia, and the abbreviation PX.

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