Synonyms for grape names (Part II)


Uva perruna (doggy Grape), Pardillo, Negrera (slavers), Botón de gallo (rooster?s button ?yes, it’s what you have just read, it is the translation of those names. Local names for famous grapes… Do you want to know which ones are they?

Wine is universal, made worldwide, and elaborated most of the time with the local grapes, harvested in the place of manufacture.

These grapes despite having a distant origin have some “nicknames” in each and every different place. Let?s know some synonyms for grape names.

  • Merlot – This grape of French origin whose name derives from the diminutive of blackbird (this bird’s plumage has the color of the strain) is also known in France as Semillon rouge, and Merleau Bigney.
  • Cabernet Franc ? Bordeaux grape also known as: Aceria, Acheria, Arrouya, Bordo, Bouchy (Gascony), Burdeas Rouge, Cabernet, Cabernet Aunis, Cabernet Franco, Capbreton Rouge, Cabernet Gris, Carmenet (Médoc), Fer Servandou, Gamput, Grosse Vidure, Hartling, Kaberne Fran, Messanges Rouge, Morenoa, Noir Dur, Petit Fer, Petit Viodure, Petite Vidure, Petite Vignedure, Plant Des Sables, Trouchet Noir, Véron, Véron Bouchy, Véronais, Gros Bouchet, Bouchet, Bretón, Capbretón, Plant Bretón and Verón.
  • Malbec – Another famous French grape grown over the world, also known as: Auxerrois, Cot, Malbeck, Pressac, Agreste, Auxerrois De Laquenexy, Auxerrois Des Moines De Picpus, Auxerrois Du Mans, Balouzat, Beran, Blanc De Kienzheim, Cahors, Calarin, Cauli, Costa Rosa, Cot A Queue Verte, Cotes Rouges, Doux Noir, Estrangey, Gourdaux, Grelot De Tours, Grifforin, Guillan, Hourcat, Jacobain, Luckens, Magret, Malbek, Medoc Noir, Mouranne, Navarien, Negre De Prechac, Negrera, Noir De Chartres, Noir De Pressac, Noir Doux, Nyar De Presak, Parde, Périgord, Pied De Perdrix, Pied Noir, Pied Rouge, Pied Rouget, Piperdy, Plant D’Arles, Plant De Meraou, Plant Du Roi, Prechat, Pressac, Prunieral, Quercy, Queue Rouge, Quille De Coy, Romieu, Teinturin, Terranis and Vesparo.
  • Sauvignon Blanc ? Another famous grape from Bordeaux, also with a large number of synonyms, as large as its fame: Beyaz Sauvignon, Blanc Doux, Blanc Fume, Bordeaux Bianco, Douce Blanche, Feher Sauvignon, Feigentraube, Fie, Fie dans le Neuvillois, Fume, Fume Blanc, Fume Surin, Genetin, Gennetin, Gentin a Romorantin, Gros Sauvignon, Libournais, Melkii Sotern, Muskat Silvaner, Muskat Sylvaner, Muskatani Silvanec, Muskatni Silvanec, Muskatsilvaner, Painechon, Pellegrina, Petit Sauvignon, Picabon, Piccabon, Pinot Mestny Bely, Pissotta, Puinechou, Punechon, Punechou, Quinechon, Rouchelin, Sampelgrina, Sarvonien, Sauternes, Sauvignon, Sauvignon Bianco, Sauvignon Bijeli, Sauvignon Blanco, Sauvignon Fume, Sauvignon Gros, Sauvignon Jaune, Sauvignon Jeune, Sauvignon Petit, Sauvignon Vert, Sauvignon White, Savagnin, Savagnin Blanc, Savagnin Musque, Savagnou, Savignon, Servanien, Servonien, Servoyen, Souternes, Sovinak, Sovinjon, Sovinjon Beli, Sovinon, Spergolina, Surin, Sylvaner Musque, Uva Pelegrina, Weisser Sauvignon, and Zöld Ortlibi.
  • Semillon – One of the finest white grapes of French origin also known as Muscat Semillon and Colombia. In South Africa is also called Green grape.
  • Verdejo – A grape originally from Spain, is also called: – Botón de gallo blanco (white rooster?s button), Gouveio, Verdeja, Verdeja Blanca, Verdejo Blanco, Verdelho and Verdell.
  • Albillo ? Spanish strain known by the synonyms of: Albilla, Albillo de Cebreros, Albillo de Madrid, Albillo de Toro, Albillo Castellano, Blanco del País, Castellano, Gual, Hoja Vuelta, Nieves Temprano, Pardillo, Pardina and Uva Perruna.

Do you know any wine in which it appears any of these synonyms? Today we recommend 2:

 TAGS:Nadir Blanco 2010Nadir Blanco 2010

This spanish cellar is well known for their red and rosé wines. Well, Pago de las Encomiendas also has a very special white wine, made with Cayetana, Uva perruna and Cigüente.

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 TAGS:Dehesa de los Canónigos Reserva Solideo 2004Dehesa de los Canónigos Reserva Solideo 2004

Dehesa de los Canónigos is one of the most famous wineries in Ribera Del Duero. It is made from a mixture in which ? appears a 3% of albillo grape ? providing with aromas and smoothness to this great wine.

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