Sweet sparkling, another option for the desserts

by Alberto Martínez

Tired of the typical muscat? Bored of that glass of port that looks like the after lunch official drink? Come on man, there are other options, just encourage yourself and try something new. Sweet sparkling wines are the chic option to accompany desserts.

Sweeter than a champagne or a cava (Spanish sparkling wine), but not as mellow as muscatel or port wine, sweet sparkling wines are the youngest choice for an evening that ends withan original point.

But you need to find the appropriate glasses because sweet sparkling wines should not be served in shot glasses! You will make a very good impression if you also include any of thesesparkling wines in your wine list. And if you are worried about your image and you are always trying to find the perfect way for the food to be presented, sweet sparkling wines will help you get that infallible gourmet touch.

You can bring them to the table with a grape or with a lychee inside. Or you can cut a slice of strawberry and use it to decorate the edge of the cup. Because the variety of colors and flavors of these wines will help you get a beautiful table, where the pink, green or golden colours of the wines you choose can match with details of the dessert or the dishes or linens, why not?

Usually, this kind of wines has a lower graduation than other. This fact makes them perfect for extending the after lunch or dinner. They are also the preferred option for many women because of how easy they are to drink and also due to their sweet but not too much touch which makes them perfect to have one more glass.

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