Summer’s comming : 5 low-calorie wines

by sarahrichardier

Nowadays people care more and more about their figure and want to stay healthy and fit. As a consequence of this new way of living, the amount of calories that one is ingesting every day is becoming a real preoccupation. Both men and women try to acquire low-calorie wines so they can avoid annoying restrictions. In fact, it is estimated that in the case of United States, 20% of the population is in constant diets.

In 2009, the chef Bethenny Frankel presented his low-calorie cocktails for women. At the same time, the brand Skinnygirl launched a series of 3 low-calorie wines in 2012. There are many other international brands that are ideal for those who want to pamper themselves and enjoy a great wine at the same time.

  • Lindeman’s Early Harvest: This Australian brand was one of the pioneers in launching wines low in alcohol. Early Harvest was launched in 2007 with 25% less alcohol and calories than a regular wine. The Shiraz has 90 calories per cup. The brand also has a whole range of rosés.
  • MarlboroughSauvignon low alcohol: It is one of the best-selling low-alcohol drink in the UK. The brand plans to launch “Flight”, a version with less alcohol that is already on sale in New Zealand.
  • Jacob’s Creek Cool Harvest: This range of drinks was launched in 2011 and made from grapes harvested at night, according to its creator Pernod Ricard. The sparkling and rosé wine as much as Sauvignon Blanc and Vermentino have less calories than other options available in the market.
  • Wine Skinny: It was created thinking of all those who are watching their figure or are working to improve it.  Chardonnay, Moscato and Thin Mini Zin, each portion of these wines has 95 calories
  • Natureo 2012: This wine launched in 2008 has only 0.5% vol of alcohol in his presentation and 20 calories per 100 ml. It is an excellent invention of Torres, who also features a presentation of red and pink to suit all tastes.

Thinking about the operation bikini? We recommend 2 drinks:

 TAGS:Natureo 2012Natureo 2012

Natureo 2012

 TAGS:Buckler 0% Alcohol CannedBuckler 0% Alcohol Canned

Buckler 0% Alcohol Canned

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