#stayathome and make the most of it

by Raúl Pérez

COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, is a worldwide problem. The only way to slow down (and end) this pandemic is to stay in quarantine at home to stop the virus transmission from person to person.

Of course, no one likes to be quarantined, but staying inside the house away from our loved ones doesn’t mean we’re alone. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century and technology can help us stay in touch and, why not, have fun together… virtually!

We want to offer you some ideas to keep your social life intact. How about dinner with friends and some good wine? Or a gin and good music party? An evening with non-alcoholic cocktails for the little ones?

The possibilities are many, and today we give you some ideas to plan and organize your video parties during this quarantine. All you have to do is have fun!

What do you need for your group video calls?

videocall with friends
  • A computer, tablet or mobile phone with a camera. 
  • Internet connection, both with wi-fi and mobile data.
  • We recommend some kind of fixed holder for your tablet or mobile phone. Make sure that your device is in a fixed place so that you have your hands free for wine tasting, eating, preparing cocktails, etc.
  • Apps for making group video calls.

The purpose is to stay in touch with your loved ones and have fun while you #stayathome.

Party night

Who says you can’t throw a party even when friends are away? Physical distance is no excuse! Take your laptop or mobile phone, make a video call, prepare your Gin Tonic and synchronize the music with your “guests” to dance to the same tune! And when you get tired… just end the call!

Party via videocall in quarantine

Online-meals with the best wines

Eating is a social act. A lunch or dinner is the perfect opportunity to be with family, friends, to meet an old work colleague you haven’t seen for a long time, to celebrate occasions and successes, etc.. Being in quarantine does not necessarily mean eating alone: place your phone on the table in front of your plate, call your loved ones and enjoy an evening full of talk and laughter. The advantage? You won’t fight over the choice of the restaurant!

Brunch via Skype

You can also enjoy your Sunday brunch together with your friends in quarantine. Call your friends via video call and enjoy a champagne breakfast or a delicious brunch with drinks like Martini Rosso or Aperol Spritz. Sit on the balcony or terrace and call your friends for an aperitif.

Non-alcoholic cocktails for children

We also think about our children! They also need to be entertained and to maintain relations with their little friends. Here’s an idea: let them let their imagination run wild by creating cocktails (without alcohol, of course) with fruit juices, syrups and soft drinks. Call all their friends, prepare the ingredients and let them have fun creating the most imaginative drinks. Cheers!

quarantine with children

Cocktails for adults

Even adults can have fun making cocktails, maybe with some stronger ingredients! Organize mixology classes with your friends via video call and practice to become a perfect bartender. It’s the perfect opportunity to pull out that old shaker you bought and never used!

Wine tasting via video call

Why don’t you organize a wine tasting? The aim is to taste and share the different sensations that a red, white or rosé wine arouses in us. We are aware that, especially in this period, it is difficult for you and all your friends to find the same wine but… this is not the important thing

Everyone can choose to taste the wine they have at home and have their say. On the other hand, the important thing is to spend time together, and we are not all sommeliers!

Apps for making video calls

If you are wondering what is the best application to make your video calls during this quarantine period, we recommend that you first think about the number of people who will participate. 

Apps for videocalls

If you are a few close friends, the quickest and easiest way to get in touch is to use Whatsapp. The famous private messaging app allows video calls up to 4 participants and can be easily used from your mobile phone. HouseParty is the video call app of the moment: it’s fun, there are games to play together and it works from your mobile phone. 

If you prefer the larger screen of your computer, you can count on a lot of programs that allow you to communicate with many more people at the same time: Google Hangouts allows a video call up to 8 people; Skype has the better image quality and allows groups of up to 10 people; Zoom allows you to make video calls with even 100 friends (what a party!), but has a limit of 40 minutes in the free version. After this time, you will need to hang up and restart the call.

Here is a list of several apps and the maximum number of participants who can join the chat:


Maximum number of participants

Install any software?


To control the Coronavirus emergency and win the battle, social distancing is essential. But, again, that doesn’t mean being away from loved ones.

Take advantage of social networks and technology to stay in touch with your family and friends. Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas on how to pass this quarantine in a lighter, more fun way. =)

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