St. Patrick is here again!

by Marta

If you reading this post you probably have at home a significant collection of hats in green and black, a T-shirt in which sleeve you can read the word Guinness, several key chains, bottle openers and merchandising of all kinds and you know it is not going to be the only one, and neither the last one … because in less than a week we will be celebrating St. Patrick again! Yuuuuupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

You will agree with me, specially if you are one of the many lovers of Guinness and the Irish culture, that St. Patrick has to be celebrated even if it’s not on a Saturday night but on a week day and the next day you have ahead one of those tricky meetings. It’s okay because a night like this is definitively the best of the year. For many (including me) it even outperforms the New Year’s Eve.

From early in the morning you can feel it’s St. Patrick Day, when you are in the car going to work with a smile in your face and your car speakers playing The Corrs, The Chieftans, and a mix of Celtic music that someone gave to you almost a decade ago. For several days you have arranged everything with your friends, they will join you tonight in the pub no matter what. But let’s see, why condensing all this happiness and this outpouring of good vibes in a few hours a year?

What I propose is to extend St. Patrick as much as possible and for that the party has to start at home. Warm up engines requires a fridge full of Guinness Draught and Murphy’s. The ratio will depend on the particular likings of each group, so I do not say any more as I personally love both.

What remains to be decided, and it is an important question, is whether Guinness will be served canned or in bottle, because for me here I’m not flexible: I prefer the can by far. And it is a rare exception, because for all the rest of beers in the world I certainly prefer them in bottles, but the canned Guinness has something, perhaps it will have something to do with the white ball, or whatever, the thing is that canned Guinness is what I like the most.

Well, now, before going outside to continue the party, none of us can miss a few rounds of Jameson shots, now in Uvinum you can buy them with a discount, so take the chance and enjoy the night.



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