Speyside whisky

by Marta

Low clouds, green landscapes and a lot of whiskey. Strathspey region of Scotland has the highest concentration of whisky distilleries around the country. That is the reason why this region is a model for single malt and it is also the area of origin of 2 heavyweights of the distillates of this cereal, Glenfiddich and The Glenlivet.

The best of the Highlands for the best whisky that even has its own name: Speyside Whisky, as the region where they come from is crossed by the river Spey, a whitewater river that provides them with tasty salmon and worldwide famous whiskies.

Cardhu, Balvenie, The Macallan, Glen Moray and Knockando are other special whiskies from this region which, due to its particular orography, stands out from the other seven where whiskey is produced in Scotland. However, it is said there that most of these brands do not get water for their whiskey neither from the Spey nor from its also famous affluents (Dullan, Fiddich and Lossie), but that it is taken from small creeks. It may actually be the secret.

What unites all these whiskies is the high quality of their mixtures, which give them the category of High Class, an honor that seems taken over by the distilleries located on the banks of this river that brings fortune.

In general it is rather sweet whisky, in contrast to the harshness of the climate around. They are also quite aromatic, sometimes playing with expert palates while highlighting some light smoky notes that give a very delicious end result.

It is believed that the trick is the combination of woods that gives way to the proper maturity. First Bourbon barrels shape the evolution of taste, giving the intense aroma and the characteristic looks, that amber gold or golden straw tone present in all their different varieties.

Years later, this process culminates with a variable period in woods that have contained sherry, although some brands are now experimenting with a more powerful finish that gives them their final maturation in red wine casks, such as Benromach Capellanes Picón Wood Finish, which is influenced by its predecessor in wood, Pago de los Capellanes El Picón, one of the best of Pago de los Capellanes cellar.

But true fans of Speyside Whiskey look for Cask Strength ones, also called barrel proof, which are those that go directly from barrel to bottle, with a consequent increase in alcohol content when compared with others that have been watered.

Despite being, in most cases, complex nose, in mouth they are affordable, durable and balanced, with vanilla notes and a sweet ending.

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