Spanish Wine Routes for this Fall

by Marta Burgués

Fall is the perfect season to discover the vineyards landscape. The colour of forests and leaves is changing, and green turns into different shades of brown and maroon. Therefore, it is time to make wine tourism and learn about some of the most prized routes on the national scene. Do you want to come with us?

Lleida, Costers del Segre

Costers del Segre is a Designation of Origin distributed in 7 different subzones, in which we find a large part of its vineyards in the province of Lleida. On this route we can reach the city of Lleida and see the church of the Seu Vella (“Old Cathedral”), besides the popular main street. In terms of cellars, we will see Vinya Els Vilars, which has an output of only 15,000 litres per year, while Raimat is truly known for its history.

Murcia, Jumilla route

The Jumilla wine appellation of origin has a great extension of vineyards in Murcia worth visiting. In this case there are several routes, many of which are related to gastronomy and also music, as sometimes different concerts and performances are organized in the associated cellars.

Extremadura, Ribera del Guadiana

There are some lesser-known areas. This is the case of Extremadura, which also has good and varied wines. On the route, you can see classic cellars along with newer ones, and support for modernization of viticulture and oenology, but they are keeping a very defined and traditional style of doing things.

Cádiz, Marco de Jerez

Cuisine is a reference in Cádiz. Also unique in its wines, the region offers its nice coast and you can also explore the cellars to taste the famous brandy of Jerez.

 TAGS:Gran Reserva 1886Gran Reserva 1886

Gran Reserva 1886: a brandy native of Spain 40º of alcohol content. 

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