Spanish wine at the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco

by Alberto Martínez

Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock, as a husband and wife, and after finishing the ceremony and have said the “I do” is the time for celebrations, and as is beginning to be usual in royal weddings, Spain wines feature prominently in this celebrations.

In this case there has been as famous as a wine from Vega Sicilia, and as pursued as Pingus or… the list could go on but you will probably not figure it out. Guess, guess, what wine have Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock chosen for their wedding?

Well, it’s a red wine… from Lanzarote! More specifically, the Stratvs Crianza 2008, a red wine from Stratvs winery.

Lanzarote is an island famous for its white wines, both Malvasía and Muscatel, but they also developed a red wine from Listan Black grape very potent in the mouth and very tasty. In the case of Stratvs it is also used the red grape called Conejera, which gives earthy and mineral aromas that offer an entire complexity comparable to the best French wines.

The Monegasque royal family has asked for the Magna occasion, 24 bottles of this wine, which is supposed to be part of a reception or as a detail to some specific guests, because that amount is difficult to served to more than 4,000 guests that have been filed at the wedding. However, it is always good news to have Spanish wines in the international social occasions, and it’s a good and free publicity campaign or the winery.

Bodegas Stratvs also makes a rosé wine with Tinta Conejera, as well as a wide range of whites with Malvasia grape, Moscatel and the almost unknown Diego variety.

Albert of Monaco personally selected the wine by a wine tasting held at the Royal Palace in Monte Carlo in March, and our wine was taken to the Principality on the road from Valencia.

Have you tried the Stratvs wine? What do you think? Which wine would you choose for your wedding?

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