Sorbete de Rioja

by Daniel Tangerner

Make your favourite Rioja wine a very special treat. Today we present: Sorbete de rioja.


40 ml Red Wine
100 ml Tap water
50g Sugar
10g cinnamon
2 g Cloves Oranges
1 Orange
Mint for decoration


In a pan, we will mix the water with the sugar. Add the cinnamon, the clove and put the saucepan on the fire until the sugar melts.

Once the syrup is made, remove the cinnamon and clove and transfer to a metal bowl and mix with the red wine. Add grated orange

Place this mixture in the freezer and leave it there for about three hours, stirring with a few sticks from time to time.

Stir the sorbet strongly before serving and decorate with some mint leaves.

This recipe goes very well with port wine:

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