Singles’ Day is the New Black Friday

by Chelsea Cummings

Singles' Day

If you’re a fan of discounts and offers, you need to know about Singles’ Day, the alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While November 11th is the date to commemorate Remembrance Day in the UK, in China, and increasingly throughout the world, this is a day when almost all shops offer fierce discounts.

The Origin of Singles’ Day

The Chinese celebration was launched in 1993 at Nanjing University by a group of students who resisted societal pressure to marry young. They decided to organise a party for singles – something like Valentine’s Day, but without a partner. These celebrations spread to other universities in Nanjing in the 1990s.

November 11th soon became the celebration of all singletons, and the date was not chosen at random! The carefully chosen date (11/11), consists of four number ones. According to Chinese tradition, “1” is a representation of a tree without leaves, a symbol associated with a person without a partner. There is also another theory, namely that the four ones represent the four friends who started this celebration.

It was in 2009 when Alibaba, one of the world’s most influential e-retailers, commercialised the Chinese celebration. And so the most important sales event in China was born. Today, Singles’ Day turnover is triple that made on Black Friday in the United States and Europe. This makes November 11th the world’s largest offline and online shopping day!

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