Single malt whisky

 TAGS:Single malt whisky or also known as “Single Malt is a whisky whose main feature in their ingredients, are grains of malt, which supply what in other whiskys would be barley. This particular mixture of malt whisky makes it one of the most special. Single malt whisky is commonly associated with Scotland, a country which has the largest production of such drinks, but we can also find single malt whisky in other countries, aldo in much less quantity.

Main features of malt whisky

Single malt whisky owes its special flavour to malted barley, but is not the only characteristic that defines it.

The Single Malt is distilled in alembic, it must also be aged a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels, which should not exceed 700 liters. These naming rules of origin are restricted rigidly in whiskes from Scotland, since some other countries produces – them – in a similar way, but not quite the same. We must also name the E150A caramel (soluble coloring caramel), which is used in developing this kind of whisky, with the approval of the designation of origin.

Preparation of single malt whisky

Single malt whisky has a unique preparation that could be divided into: water, malted, dried, soaked, fermented, distilled, matured, aged and bottled. It is a similar process to other types of whisky, but with some small differences who makes it unique and different. But we must note that the mixing of the malts is a key part of the preparation, plus some old tones used in its ageing. Today single malt scotch or single malt, can be found with different nationalities, being Scottish the most famous in tradition and fame, but do not discard those made in the USA, Canada, England, Japan, Australia, India and the leading European whisky producers.

Here we leave a small list of some of the best examples of a good single malt whisky.

We start with the Slyrs Bavarian Single Malt, and then we have in our top the Japanese Nikka Whisky Yoichi Single Malt. I could not miss the Glen Breton Single Malt 10 Years, and the last but not least special Kilchoman Scotch Islay Single Malt.

Would you like the best whisky? Here are our dayly 2 recommendations:

 TAGS:Slyrs Bavarian Single MaltSlyrs Bavarian Single Malt

Slyrs is one of the most prestigious high-end whisky. This Single Malt has a reasonable price for the great whisky it is.

 TAGS:Buy Slyrs Bavarian Single Malt151,09?

 TAGS:The Arran Single MaltThe Arran Single Malt

The Arran is one of the most premium brands of whisky sold in the world, but no doubt this Single Malt is more than anyone can expect from a great whisky.

Buy The Arran Single Malt 23,95?

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