Simple and easy cocktails

by Marta Burgués


It is time to give to your loved ones. Besides champagne and wine are, which are in all tables, the cocktails are ideal for a special occasion. Which do you prefer?

Champagne or/and cava are both of the most special drinks. For this reason, the cocktails mixed with cava will be delicious and, in this way, we use the cava sometimes leftover from open bottles.

The Champagne and mixed fruits give an exquisite flavour. You can combine a bit of a sparkling wine with peach juice. As simple and straight forward and, at the same time, original because you’ll surprise your guests by offering this combination. We recommend serving the cocktail before the meal as an aperitif.

Moreover, if you like sweet and creamy drinks, nothing like the White cocktail, made with amaretto, a cream liqueur of your choice and vodka. It makes a great dessert after eating so many candies. Its elaborations is simple: just mix the ingredients described above in a shaker and pour them in a martini glass for better decoration.

For those who prefer something without alcohol, is very easy to use fruit juices, cinnamon, vanilla and a little milk. We can also add sugar to make it even sweeter. We can mix the milk with natural fruit juices (orange, lemon…) apart and then pour in a crystal goblet. Then, add the spices, such as cinnamon or vanilla. We’ll put ice on int to make it much cooler.

Red is the colour of this year. The cocktails take this colour in order to offer a more festive feeling these days. You can make a fun cocktail mixing Campari, currant and strawberry liqueur. An explosive mix that will be sweet… even we we can add red berries.

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