Robots Overtaking Restaurants… a New Era


The new technologies are gradually being incorporated into our lives, sometimes in a revolutionary way, and other times little by little, in a gradual but inexorable way. For years now, we have seen new inventions, which so far only a few could imagine, at every level of society, and the restoration, commerce and services, whether public or private, are no exception.

According to an article published on the website, robotics begins to be implemented precisely in these sectors, and within a few years we will even see robots of humanoid aspect attending us in all types of establishments.

Lowering the costs of technology production and advances in artificial intelligence are making possible what seemed a few years ago science fiction, and many companies are already incorporating robotic “assistants” into their services, in tasks such as customer service, solving doubts, answering questions and collecting information about buying habits and needs of their target audience.

In fact, we can already find some examples in companies of the most diverse sectors, such as cruises, education, catering, and even in the world of wine: the VineRobot project aims to design a land vehicle that will obtain and transmit information on the state of the vineyards through non-invasive sensors.

It’s the agriculture field where more of these advances are already being applied, both in the monitoring of crops and in the control of pests, irrigation, harvest and son on. In the not too distant future there’ll be vineyards and fields of all kinds operated entirely by autonomous robotic vehicles and drones that will replace the man and the traditional machinery.

For those who think that robots will replace humans, with the damage that entails on a labor level, to say that, on the other hand, it’ll always be necessary someone to program, design and operate them, with all the benefits it will bring to the long term job creation of a more technological profile, as long as we know how to take advantage of the opportunity in terms of research, business initiatives and support from administrations.

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Pasion Blue Chardonnay (blue wine) 2015



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