Ribera del Duero’s secret

by Marta

Ribera del Duero wines usually do not disappoint and you also can find some very good, or excellent, affordable to almost all budgets. But if you want to give yourself a treat you can also find here some of the most expensive wines of Spain.

This wine region is preferred among others by the younger generation that, after some years of absence returns to imbibe of wine culture… and of course to drink wine. Beer and spirits go getting aside. Wine rules.

We enjoy wines with body, round character. We like red wines with personality and strength. The red wines from Ribera del Duero give the profile and therefore they are among the favorites of many of us. And I include myself, because I love them.

But in this region there are other names with great power. Rueda, for all those white wines from Verdejo Kingdom; Toro, with fabulous red wine authors; and Cigales, famous for the pink, but with some truly spectacular reds, like Caesar Príncipe, which I love and highly recommend, or Cigales Aleno Foster 1999, also very good.

Another incentive is the possibility of visiting the wineries and attending a tasting guided by experts and connoisseurs throughout the process. These professionals will give us details about the vintage, the aging and for example the reason for the choice of this type of wood for the barrels.

In some cases you may also spend the night in the cellar, as many of them have adapted their facilities to the wine tourism fashion and have built a small hotel or some other kind of accommodation that can be enjoyed close to the original structure.

This way you can enjoy an entire weekend surrounded very close by your favorite stocks and knowing the history of the wine you like most. In addition, generally, the wineries that offer the opportunity to spend an entire weekend of wine tourism, complete their program with a dinner or lunch where the most traditional or the avant-garde food pairing are present, making a wine tourism short trip into 360 experience which will get us us into the juiciest side of the wine world.

Another option is to go to visit the winery where some wine we still don?t know is produced. Thus we have an added incentive, the surprise element, which enriches the experience by allowing us to remember when was the first time we tried it, where were we then and who with. The perfect excuse to join two passions: wine and travel.

 TAGS:Pruno 2009Pruno 2009

Pruno 2009, fruity with a great touch of wood flavours

 TAGS:Carmelo Rodero Crianza 2008Carmelo Rodero Crianza 2008

Carmelo Rodero Crianza 2008, a great wine with a very affordable price

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