Ribera del Duero: Wine route in Spain

by sarahrichardier

The Ribera Del Duero is a region with perfect climatic and soil conditions for making the most delicious wines, and its young designation of origin (30 years old only) is in constant growth in the global market.

The route of the Ribera Del Duero is located in the northern plateau, passing through Burgos, Segovia, Soria and Vallalolid. This route consists of 100 villages along 115 miles. The Ribera del Duero floors are extremely suitable for growing grapes, resulting a strong flavor full of character that is transmitted to the wines made from it.

The Tempranillo grape is the main one, used for the rosé wines as well as for every type of reds from Ribera Del Duero: young red wines, crianza reserves or gran reserves. This grape, native to the area, prints its color, aroma and body that are so characteristic of those wines. There are more than 900 brands under the name of origin Ribera Del Duero, prepared with care and attention to the high quality standards imposed in its 270 wineries.

Additionally, the Ribera Del Duero underground cellars can be visited; some of them have the size of Penafiel Castle, in which you can find the Wine Provincial Museum, where you can discover all the history of the wines of this popular area.

If you decide to visit the Ribera Del Duero don?t miss the romantic art of Soriana area, the medieval towns of Penaranda del Duero and the impressive underground cellars of 12 meters deep, with supervised visits allowed all year.

In the Ribera Del Duero you can enjoy the most beautiful sceneries. This is an ideal route to share with friends, family or partner, with activities such as an experience of beauty treatments through wine therapy, ideal for enjoying a perfect honeymoon.

Want to know how does the Duero taste? Today we recommend:

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Vizcarra Senda del Oro 2011

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Hito 2009

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