Red wine may slow lung cancer

by sarahrichardier

On several occasions, we have presented the benefits of wine on health. The wine is good for your health, but only if consumed moderately, and included in a varied diet as the traditional Mediterranean diet. This time, a new research by the Universities of Brock and McMaster in Ontario (Canada) reveals that the white and red wines could also stop the spread of lung cancer. Red wine is supposed to be more effective against the disease.

Canadian scientists have found some evidences. But the study is still at a preliminary stage. The evidence shows that the two types of wine have an effect on cancer cells. But it is the phenolic content that seems to be the key to greater efficiency. Red therefore appear more effective than white varieties.

So far, there seems to be evidence that red wine has beneficial effects on health problems such as obesity and heart disease, but the progress made by Brock and McMaster can be a giant step in the fight against the malignant lung tumors. And who knows if it does not work against other cancers?

Currently, the research (forthcoming in the prestigious Cancer Cell International) is limited to exposing cultures of cancer cells grown in the laboratory, but if the results are confirmed, it is expected to plan a new round of research with laboratory mice. The doses used are those which correspond to moderate wine consumption. 1 or 2 drinks per day, to see if the wine actually has an effect on slowing the growth of cancer cells. If this is the case, then scientists will return in a more advanced phase of clinical experiments.

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