Protocol at the table, a matter of good education

by unshel

In life, there are many sciences and arts that are complicated but necessary to live the good life. The table manners are certainly one of them. Perhaps for some, it sounds a little overwhelming with all those rules that must be followed or the amount to be memorised, but in reality, is only a matter of education, good manners and a little common sense. Below you will find some points about what is considered as the basic rules of protocol.

What not to do at the table?

  • No smoking during the meal, wait until dessert.
  • The napkin goes on your lap, not the neck, arm or table itself.
  • Do not blow to cool soups or hot drinks.
  • No combing your hair or touching up your makeup.
  • Do not start eating before your host or before directed. Yes, you will have to be a little patient before digging in.
  • And speaking of digging in, eat neither too fast nor too slowly, try to keep pace with the others at the table.

Utensils, a necessary evil

  • Start with the silverware from the outside and advance inwards as they serve the dishes.
  • Forks to the left, knives and spoons on the right.
  • Dessert utensils will be above your plate, normally a small fork and spoon.

The art of serving wine

  • Red wine is served in large, round glasses with a short stem. Usually at room temperature. It is typically enjoyed with red meat. Fill 1/3 of the glass.
  • The white wine is served cold (about 6 to 8 degrees) in a slightly smaller and longer-stemmed glass. Fill 1/2 of the glass.
  • Similarly, sparkling wines are served in their respective glasses, fill 3/4 and cold.
  • Rosé wines are usually served cold in a glass, as white wine, and you can pair with any type of meat, it much depends on your taste.
  • It is not recommended to serve a white or pink wine after a red since the latter, being stronger, numbs the palate from appreciating the lighter.

As you see, these are very simple tips that will help you succeed during your next formal dinner. Enjoy!

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