Preserving and Decanting: Wine Innovations

by Antonio Moschella

Drinking wine has always been an art. A sort of way of living daily life in its purest and deepest flavour. It is well known that a glass of wine, or even two, per day, is healthy, but the way of drinking and enjoying has been changing during the last years. That’s why we have to find new ways of taking the pleasure of tasting a good wine, in order to avoid experiencing the boring modes ingrained so far in the modern society costumes.

Sometimes we just want a glass of wine at dinner without drinking the whole bottle. But after two days, the wine will go bad. This is the part where you and I have to rely on intelligent systems that ensure the maintenance of our dearest wines. And then I discovered Kickstarter:

First of all, we could have a different and alternative approach to the consumption of our favourite drinks. Thus, the first step is to find a different way of preserving wine. The most interesting and innovating idea is Halo, a tool invented by the company ZOS which has been trying to change the way of enjoying wines. The name stands for Zero Oxygen Solutions. The aim of Halo is not to spoil a good bottle of wine that hasn’t been finished and had too much oxygen inside before the next use. We’re talking about a wine preserver that eliminates 100% of the oxygen to prevent the wine from changing or even ruining your wine, an amazing revolution in the world of wines. ZOS is currently running a crowdfunding to finance their project on Kickstarter.

Another part of enjoying wine properly, besides conserving it correctly, is the decanting part. A good decanter is an important instrument to avoid the waste of precious drops of wine and, above all, the presence of oxygen that might damage the flavour of our favourite drink. Actually, as pointed by a recent study made by the UK Government, we throw away up to 50 millions litres of wine annually. This means a huge waste of proper wine that often turns to vinegar. Regarding this issue, Eto comes at rescue: we’re talking about a design wine decanter that gives you the freedom to enjoy wine in your house without wasting a drop. Its system uses a seal to keep wine perfectly fresh for at least 12 days, as proven by several laboratory tests. Another very cool crowdfunding project at Kickstarter.

 TAGS:Mount Langi Ghiran Billi Billi ShirazMount Langi Ghiran Billi Billi Shiraz

Mount Langi Ghiran Billi Billi Shiraz, a strong and fresh Australian red

 TAGS:Pesquera Crianza 2014Pesquera Crianza 2014

Pesquera Crianza 2014, an intense  flavour of cherries and juicy plums

 TAGS:Blanc PescadorBlanc Pescador

Blanc Pescador, an aromatic wine with a refreshingly light spritz.

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