Pizza and wines

by Arnaldo Alcón Cánovas

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world, from its beginnings in the city of Naples up to the present days has been progressing, taking by assault the palate of the entire world. There are an incredible variety of types of pizza, which vary in their ingredients and preparation, but the question always is: How shall we pair the pizza, the answer as in many meals is summed up in four letters: “wine.”

Most pizzas have ham, salami or other sausages, which pair great with wine, and the inevitable ingredient is undoubtedly the cheese, another loyal friend of wine, and with these premises wine becomes the best companion of pizza without a question.

What pizza, what wine?

Now we start an endless discussion, of which we do not believe having the last word, but we can give you a hand on the subject of pizza, and its perfect match and in the end of course, you do have the last word.

Pizza Margarita – Probably the most popular pizza of all, simplicity and taste in every bite, this pizza has tomato, basil, olive oil and cheese. This pizza combines beautifully with a soft red wine, we do not want to obscure the taste of basil, and a Syrah would be our wine.

Pizza with anchovies – Anchovies have a strong and depth flavor that prevails on the pizza. In this delicious dish we opt for a white wine like a good Chardonnay or Pinot Noir would be our chosen ones.

Pizza with meat – Although this type of pizza is a relatively new creation, has attracted many fans of pizza. In this case we recommend Merlot: softness combine well with meat and cheese without overtaking a leading role.

Fruit pizza – Denominated in some places as “Hawaiian pizza”, they usually include pineapple, peach and other fruits. In this case we continue with this line and use a dessert wine, a red semi-dry. Here we recommend a Zinfandel or a Burgundy slightly chilled.

Cheese and tomato pizza – It is said that that’s how began, with these two ingredients that usually appear in Italian cuisine. This simple but delicious pizza opens a large range of possibilities of marriage. Surely there must be a good red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah would suit.

Well, we finish this humble selection of pairing with pizza, but remember that there is no better pairing than the one you like, we invite you to try and experiment different combinations with different wines.

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