Pizza and Wine Pairings for World Pizza Day

by Karin Mosca
pizza and wine pairings for world pizza day

pizza and wine pairings for world pizza day

Did you know that the 17th of January* is World Pizza Day? To celebrate, we asked our sommelier Matteo Cipollone (@enocracy) to recommend some fantastic wine pairings that will make a match made in heaven with your favourite pizzas: margheritas, marinara, veggie pizza, spicy pizza and much more. Let’s begin with some general rules of thumb when pairing pizza and wine.

General rules for pairing pizza and wine

Pairing wine and pizza can be tricky. These basic rules will make it a whole lot easier:

  1. The first rule is to avoid wines that are too tannic so as not to “dry out” the palate. So generally it’s best to choose rosés, white wines and sparkling wines. If you really can’t do without red wine, choose one that is younger and fresher. The delicate tannins will also balance the acidity of the tomato.
  2. Pay attention to the topings! With more delicate toppings, opt for a simple, easy-to-drink wine. If the ingredients have a bolder taste, you can try a more structured and complex wine.
  3. When you’re really undecided, a good tip is to go for a regional pairing. For example, if you like pizza with speck, choose a wine from Trentino or Alto Adige; if you like it with anchovies, choose a wine from Campania; if you like it with gorgonzola, choose a wine from Lombardy, perhaps a Franciacorta; if you like it with spicy salami, choose a wine from Calabria; etc.

Pizza and wine: the expert’s suggestions

We’ve selected some of the most famous and popular pizzas and have tried to find combinations that will satisfy everyone’s tastes. Keep reading and get inspired.


Simple and delicious. Tomato, mozzarella and basil (or, if you prefer, oregano) are enough to make every bite a taste sensation!

We recommend it with:


In the Marinara, mozzarella is replaced by garlic – a difficult ingredient whose flavour risks stealing the show. But don’t worry, you just need to pair it with the right wine.

We recommend it with:

Ham and mushroom

Enjoyed by young and old alike, this popular pizza is even more intense and rich in flavour when accompanied by the right wine.

We recommend it with:

White pizza

Some love it, others hate it. White pizza lacks the acidity of the tomato, so it’s important to find a wine that will “degrease” the other ingredients.

We recommend it with:

Four cheese

The four cheese is versatile in that the cheese used depends very much on the pizza maker and where you are. But ultimately it’s always delicious, even if it is quite intense and demanding.

We recommend it with:


Tomato, mozzarella, cooked ham, mushrooms, olives and artichokes: could this be the recipe for happiness? Here the choice of wine is more difficult, given the number of ingredients, but not impossible.

We recommend it with:

Vegetarian Pizza

The ingredients of an Ortolana or vegetarian pizza vary according to season and region, but that is what makes it such an authentic, rustic pizza.

We recommend it with:


Let’s end with the Diavola, the ultimate choice for spice lovers. We’re sure you know someone who only ever orders this pizza (and if not, that someone is probably you). In this case, we recommend sweeter wines to balance the spiciness.

We recommend it with:


So, have we persuaded you to leave beer and soft drinks aside for one night? All you have to do is order your pizza and open a good bottle of wine, whether in the company of friends or Netflix! And remember, you can find all the wines we mentioned in this article and much more at Drinks&Co.

*Why is World Pizza Day the 17th of January? The 17th of January is the day of Saint Anthony Abbot, patron saint of bakers and pizza makers.

Translated by Chelsea Cummings from Karin Mosca’s original Italian article: Pizza e vino: gli abbinamenti per il World Pizza Day

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