Pauillac, luxury in the Gironde left side

by Marta

Water plays a decisive role on the development of Médoc grapes and their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and their location, near the Gironde, set features and is probably the cause of that French wines from this region are the inspiration for all other wines of this country and some abroad. It is no coincidence that the region of Pauillac is precisely here.

It does not seem coincidental either that Pauillac is among the most prestigious wine regions around Bordeaux, just as Margaux, Saint Estèphe and Saint Julien are.

It must be something that all of them are also placed in a continuous line attached to the Gironde from North to South. It is easy to see that this small area of France gets the best of its climate and a positive influence of its privileged location, so close to freshwater and saltwater at the same time. That?s an interesting mix that gives very good results as we can see.

However, the main secret of the success of Pauillac is its soil hiding the gravel and clay under a layer of limestone and sand. It helps speed up the removal of excess water, both from rain and irrigation so that at no time the amount the stocks receive will be too much.

In these lands we can find Cabernet Franc, Merlot and especially, a lot of Cabernet Sauvignon which is the grape for excellence in the area. And they really know how to get its full potential in these terroirs. The excellent properties of Cabernet Sauvignon wines made in Pauillac make them a really good choice when it comes to improve with aging, a good reason for choosing this region among others in Bordeaux.

Although this wine region is divided in two by the existence of a small stream running through it, its production is one of the most homogeneous in terms of quality and features. That is another important point in favor of wine from Pauillac, especially when you consider that the lack of uniformity is one of the main drawbacks of French wines in general.

Of all the wine regions of France, Pauillac is one of my favorites because even though its wines have a clear character in Bordeaux which is noticeable, I find them a little more vibrant and woody than others, and those are some of the things that I look for when buying a good red wine.

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Velvety, fruity and with well rounded tannins, a great wine from 2008.

 TAGS:Château Grand Puy Ducasse Rouge 2008Château Grand Puy Ducasse Rouge 2008

One of the classiscs from Pauillac that keeps a good price

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