Pastis is a French drink created in 1932 by Paul Ricard used as an appetizer, which usually contains between 40 and 45 % of alcohol and is also the second most popular drink in France after the wine.

Pastis is usually is diluted with 5 parts water for each measure of Pastis, this gives the milky appearance that we see in absinthe.

Pastis is consumed cold. Some add cold water and some ice cubes, while others reject this practice, either way the result is a quite refreshing aperitif.

It is considered by some to be the predecessor of absinthe, although they are very different mainly because it does not contain Artemis absentium, and original preparation is made from distilled anise, although other preparations use star anise, Asian herbs and European herbs and can be produced in caramel color (industrially produced) and white (handmade)
For those who do not enjoy absinthe, pastis is a sweet way to enjoy an appetizer and is part of an ancient tradition of anise liqueurs such as Sambuca, mastika, ouzo and arak.

The latest versions of pastis mixe alcohol and commercial flavors essences, extracts and colors to update this drink and make it more attractive in the eyes of consumers.

Only in France and Europe 130 million liters a year of Pastis are consumed. Its warmth and captive aromas will make you happy after eating.
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