Party night via video call #stayathome

by Raúl Pérez

It is difficult for everyone to stay at home due to the COVID-19 quarantine. But for social people who are used to partying or meeting friends, it is probably even harder.

But don’t worry, we have the solution to this problem: Organize your own party night with friends via video chat and #stayathome.

Tips for a party night via video call

First things first: Prepare for the video call according to our suggestions. Then think about the music: One of you and your friends can take the role of DJ of the evening and broadcast music throughout the video call. Otherwise, you can all click on the “Play” button in the Spotify playlist we’ve created especially for you! This way the music is coordinated and you can dance and sing to the same song!

Finally, one last piece of advice. If you don’t want to bother your family/roommates, use wireless headphones. This will allow you to move around freely and mix your drinks!

Get this party started

Tastes are different. Some like to start with a beer to warm up and then move on to the famous gin tonic. You certainly haven’t tried your Gin&Tonic with Beefeater 24 Gin yet, which gives your drink a spectacular taste thanks to Japanese Sencha and green tea. The more traditional gin drinkers are more likely to choose a Martin Miller’s Gin or a Macaronesian White Gin.

More ideas for the creation of your Gintonics:

Rum is another essential alcoholic drink at parties. It goes well with soft drinks, and if it’s of the same high quality as Havana Club 7 Años, it won’t cause a hangover. This Havana Club contains rum aged between 7 and 14 years and a wide range of Cuban flavours such as fruit, vanilla or cocoa. Another aged rum, cheaper and of high quality, is the Havana Club Especial, which is 5 years old.

Since rum can also be drunk alone or with ice, we recommend to enjoy these products while dancing in your living room:

Whisky is the king of spirits. With an important tradition and a great variety, it has found its place in the hearts of the people in recent years. The most famous combination is whisky with Coca-Cola, which we should combine with a reasonably priced but high-quality whisky.

The triple distillation of Jameson guarantees you a perfect drink for your wallet and your taste buds. Ballantine’s is a classic whisky that should not be missing at a house party. If a Bourbon is more your thing, you can treat yourself to a Four Roses to make a good Old Fashioned Cocktail.

Every whisky fan prefers to drink it straight or with ice. Here are some recommendations for the best whiskies to be enjoyed straight:

A party night would not be the same without the indispensable vodka. The neutral taste is really perfect for cocktails. Many people have switched from gin and tonic to vodka tonic because it is softer and more refreshing.

Try Absolut, a Swedish vodka with continuous distillation, which gives a pure taste. Furthermore, the different versions of Absolut may surprise you and we recommend you try flavours such as Absolut Mandrin, Absolut Citron, Absolut Apeach or our favourite flavour Absolut Raspberri.

More vodkas for your party night via video conference:

Music for your party night #stayathome

What’s missing for a perfect party night? Good music, of course. In addition to your phone connected to your home speakers, you’ll find streaming music services like Youtube Music, SoundCloud, iVoox and Spotify.

We have allowed ourselves to create a list of music on Spotify that is available to you. We hope you like it!

We hope you like our tips and enjoy a nice evening with your friends. And remember to always enjoy the alcohol in moderation! #stayathome

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