Pairings with Arabic food

by Marta Burgués

Arabic food is characterized by its somewhat spicy and powerful flavour. Unlike other foods, it is not light, but some dishes can reduce this effect of heaviness. Of course, if we eat in excess, we can have digestive problems. Let’s see what are the best pairings with Arabic food.

How to pair Arabic food

It is necessary to counteract the bittersweet, salty, sugary and spicy flavours of this type of recipes with wines that mitigate these flavours, but do not erase them, because they really offer a great richness to the palate. It should also be noted that, traditionally, this food is not accompanied with wine in origin for religious reasons.

White wines

When it comes to pairing some sauces and creams, like the traditional hummus, then it is better to opt for a white wine, because the freshness will lighten the dish, which is usually eaten accompanied by a special bread. In this case, a Chardonnay white wine is recommended.

Another type of white wine to combine with this king of food is the Sauvignon Blanc. It is the choice for shawarma, rice, bulgur, tabouleh or salads with spices. But they are not the only whites that go well with both first and second courses, fruity Verdejo and Rueda are also good choices.

Red wine

This type of wine would be the best choice for meats. And the best ones to pair with Arabic food are the Merlot, Malbec or Rioja wine. They are clear alternatives for this cuisine, since they do not remove that characteristic and appreciated spicy touch. Red wines are also a sure bet for lamb dishes.

The Carménère wine, of French strain, for example, features a fine aroma of herbs, hints of fruit, and notes of green and red paprika. This is why it is recommended by many specialists to bring out that spices are clear protagonists of such dishes. Thus, both young and aged reds are recommended, with flavours and aromas of nuts or cherries and nuances of vanilla.

Rosé wine

For some rices, especially those made with vegetables, it is a good choice to opt for a young rosé.


This wine offers an optimal counterpoint to many oriental dishes, especially from the Arabic cuisine. It goes well for chicken curry, as well as for the traditional tajine that usually comes with vegetables, fish, chicken, rice and many other ingredients.


Some dishes like kebab are not usually combined with wine. For this and other dishes, somewhat faster to cook and eat, beer could be the best choice, because its freshness provides a variety of nuances to the palate.

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