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 TAGS:Organic wines are a trend. No one can deny that in these days all that bears the name of ecological sells a lot. It is true that the price of this kind of products is usually higher (although in the case of wine, not always happens like that), but the consumer of such goods rather pay a little more for something that is elaborated in a certain way.

Foods without preservatives or dyes, accompanied by organic wine at a table dressed by organic products is the ultimate trend in this decade in which sustainability and all what is natural are values that go hand in hand.

But is it true that organic wines taste better? Do they have a stronger flavor? Does its bouquet convinces us more? As usual consumer of wine, the first time I heard about organic wine I could not resist tasting one and it really disappointed me. Let?s leave brands and denominations of origin aside. Although of course, which did not pass the test was not the condition of organic but the wine itself.

Last week, without going any further, I had the chance to be invited to a dinner where the wine was a red organic from South Africa and it was quite an experience. Aromatic, intense color, delicious in the mouth and even better if while tasting you remember that it is organic.

An organic wine is a wine that respects our health while doing the same with nature. In the vineyards from where it comes from no fertilizers or pesticides or other chemicals have been used.

They have worked the land and the field in a natural and traditional way. Just thinking about it everything tastes much better. Like when you eat a salad in which tomatoes, lettuce and every ingredient is organic. It is not only healthier, but each element tastes to what it has to taste in a more intense way.

I recycle, I do not use sprays, I do a responsible consumption of electricity and water and whenever I can I replace the car for the bike. I have organic cotton shirts and I also drink organic wine. But it is also true that some of my favorite wines are not organic, so I hope that environmentalists do not get pissed at me now. And please, after this post, which I really hope that all the biodynamic (which we’ll discuss another day) and organic wines enemies have not gone completely crazy.

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