Organic wine vs. biodynamic wine, what is the difference?


Today in Europe, there is a real consumer movement towards organic and/or biodynamic wines. But what does mean and what is the differences between the two?

Firstly we must know that the terms organic, ecological or biological are synonymous throughout the European Union. In Spain, it is recognized to write down ?ecological? or ?biological? in the label. Organic wines, like the biodynamic ones, wear a label that allows their identification (AB, Biological Agriculture, Demeter, Ecocert, Biodyvin…).

Ecological and Bio wines

They are from organic farming. The vineyard is treated with agricultural techniques that exclude artificial fertilizer, antibiotics and pesticides and herbicides. Nor additive substances or genetically modified organisms, dyes or preservatives are allowed. In the cellar the ?winemaking? practices are also reduced, but not completely. Sulfites and some other products must be reduced. But still, the use of selected (chemical) yeasts and other treatments are allowed.

Biodynamic wines

These are wines from biodynamic farming. Not a new concept, as it reaches the beginning of the last century. Vineyard or terroir is considered as a living being. The goal for the vineyard is to develop its own immune defenses against disease, insects and microbes. How? Promoting microorganisms and biodiversity taking into account the energies of heaven and earth, following a biodynamic (lunar) calendar and with ?biodynamic preparations?. Then, these concepts are still followed in the cellar and winemaking stage. The use of technology, treatments and sulfites should be reduced, and only native or natural yeasts must be used.

However, for most of the wineries that produce ?bio? or ?biodynamic? wines, the concept goes beyond European standards reaching a true philosophy of life and a way of leaving a healthier earth to future generations. The work in the vineyards is more difficult, often working with horses and ?by hand?. In addition, the yields are often lower. But the big advantage is that they are authentic wines with real personality, where the characteristics of the soil are noticeable.

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Puro Malbec Corte Bio 2012



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Sabatacha Ecológico 2010

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