Operation bikini? Operation Christmas with wine and ham!

by lucasblanes

Are you on a diet? But you like ham and wine? Well do not worry; everything we had previously thought about whether the ham fattens might not be entirely true. Now that Christmas is approaching and Christmas baskets come from the office, do not worry! It will serve you to make a diet!

We have not gone mad; it is a European Medical Institute of Obesity Information, which has developed a diet made of delicatessen for gourmets, which includes the red wine and Iberian ham without problem.Surely with this news we ‘ve made your day, as there is nothing better than a good glass of red wine along with a bit of ham to unwind, discover new pleasures and feel good.

With this diet you won?t not gain weight, but you could also lose between 4 and 6 kilos a month or so, always controlling your health. Now both foods should be eaten in moderation, or it will produce the opposite effect.

It is known that the wine has many benefits for both the body and mind. This, combined with the ham you perfectly care your hearts, thanks to their significant cardiovascular effect. The makers of this diet say that Iberian ham provides iron and B vitamins, as required for the brain and nervous system. Moreover, it is low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid.

The diet proposed in the European Medical Institute of Obesity combines red wine consumption and ham every day with nutrients like fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. In addition, special guidelines are set to get more nutrients between different cores of the population, focusing on sports, women and men. So for women it is recommended to drink 150 ml of wine (one glass) while for men the average would be in two glasses of 150 ml throughout the day.

The best way to drink the wine is has a part of the food and other dinner, you better not do it at other times of day. So you know, this Christmas head over to this super diet and lose weight!

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