Online wine sales, booming

by Marta Burgués

Wine e-commerce has grown in recent years, the Internet is the third source of information consulted before buying wine by being extensive and accessible. Through the Internet, wine consumers can get advice to choose and learn more about the products they buy.

According to figures from Sowine/SSI, 82% of French do research before making their wine purchases, since this medium offers the opportunity to learn about the products, the opinions of other consumers, and to compare prices comfortably. 42% of these shoppers define themselves as wine amateurs and 54% define themselves as inexperienced.

9% of the French follow accounts in social networks related to wine, while blogs offer easy access to information on wines for people wanting to learn more, and not like before, when experts were the only ones with access to important details.

For the wine sector, the Internet and social networks play an increasingly important role, both as an information provider and to make sales in this way, and the French market is no exception.

Currently 9% of purchases of French wines are online, and wine is the product that leads online sales. In 2013 the online wine sales increased 32% to 705 million Euros and, according to calculations from studies made in 2014 by Xerfi, these sales could exceed 1,000 million Euros in 2015.

In view of this booming, wine producers are also using the Internet to promote their products and to offer online shopping to consumers. The answer to these changes by consumers is favourable, and they buy more bottles than before (average of 6-12 bottles).

Among the most popular wine website, we can find producers first, wine merchants in second place and thirdly the private sales.

 TAGS:Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002

Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002: a red wine from this DO: Rioja with viura and tempranillo of 2002 and has a volume of alcohol of 12.5º.


Diamante: a white wine from Rioja DO from the viura varieties and 11,5º of volume of alcohol. 

*Image: Stephan Geyer (flickr)

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