Oh, my beer friends

by Luis Bobadilla

In only a few weeks we will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the German Purity Beer Law of 1516. This law established that beer should be only created from water, malted barley and hops. Over centuries, Bavarian breweries followed those rules in making beer. The power of the yeast was still unknown at that time, this 4th ingredient was added later to the German Purity Law. It’s a quality seal of prestige and purity, and only a few beers in the world follow these brewing conditions. After 500 years of its creation, the famous beer law continues to cause controversy over whether the beers brewed under this premise are better or not.

For instance last year, the World Beer Awards chose the best beers in the world, among which there are plenty of beers that would not comply with the law. As a result, we can only say that the law can work as a seal of guarantee of a certain way of development and quality although it’s not the only way to produce quality beers with the recognition of consumers and renowned experts.

Among the most famous brands in the world in compliance with this law we find the following:

  • Franziskaner
  • Paulaner
  • König Ludwig
  • Clausthaler
  • Erdinger
  • Einbecker

 TAGS:Franziskaner 50clFranziskaner 50cl

Franziskaner 50cl:  A Weißbier beer native of Germany produced with warm fermenting and of 5% Vol. 

 TAGS:Paulaner SalvatorPaulaner Salvator

Paulaner Salvator:  An abbey beer made with warm fermenting native of Germany with 7º of alcohol.

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