Non-alcoholic cocktails for children #stayathome

by Raúl Pérez

The Coronavirus quarantine continues! We can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. Soon we will be able to hold our loved ones in our arms again!

Our children are probably the ones who suffer the most from the current situation. Today we turn to all families who may need an idea to entertain their children. How about a party with non-alcoholic cocktails?

Making non-alcoholic cocktails

Today we celebrate! The idea is to have a party with our children as the main actors. Call all your kids’ friends via video call and organise an online competition to create the most original non-alcoholic cocktail! Give your kids juices, syrups and other drinks. May the most creative child win!

The first non-alcoholic cocktail you could create is the classic San Francisco that combines pineapple juice, orange juice, peach juice, some lime syrup and pomegranate.

Another idea is the Virgin Mojito: mix lemonade, lemon ice and crushed ice cubes. Add a splash of mineral water and a few mint leaves. Voilá, another delicious non-alcoholic cocktail is ready.

For those with a sweet tooth, we suggest a Virgin Colada, which is very easy to make. Simply pour pineapple juice and coconut milk syrup into a glass filled with ice. Simply delicious!

In the race for the most creative non-alcoholic cocktail, the non-alcoholic version of Bloody Mary should not be missing: The Virgin Mary. You need a few ingredients: Tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lemon syrup, freshly ground pepper and if your kid likes spicy food, a few drops of Tabasco.

There are many more recipes! How about a Virgin Mule, non-alcoholic sangria or Indian lassi? Also, don’t forget to provide your children with fruit and whipped cream so that the non-alcoholic cocktails can be presented creatively.

The great thing about cocktails is that they let your imagination run wild, you can spend time with your children and discover new favourite drinks at the same time

Have fun with our non-alcoholic cocktails. Here you will find some more ideas:

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