New Year’s Eve: how the international Drinks&Co team celebrates it

by Karin Mosca
New Year's Eve: traditions from Italy, Germany, Spain and France - Drinks&Co

Soon it will finally be time for the most eagerly awaited holiday of 2020: the end of the year! And since Drinks&Co has an international team, we asked our Content Editors to tell us how New Year’s Eve is celebrated in their countries of origin.

The Réveillon du Nouvel An in France – Isabelle Escande

In France, the custom is to get together with family or friends for a good dinner. Shortly before midnight, all the partygoers stand under the mistletoe, – a plant symbolising prosperity, good luck and long life – hung from the ceiling of the living room for the occasion. At the stroke of midnight, everyone kisses and a bottle of champagne is opened amid general hugs and shouts of joy. Bonne année !

The Nochevieja in Spain – Raúl Pérez

The Nochevieja: how New Year's Evein is celebrates in Spain - Drinks&Co

In Spain, at 00:00, people eat the traditional good luck grapes. The idea is to get together with friends or family and eat a grape for every stroke of the clock on Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, 12 in total, one grape per second. The event is broadcast on television and is always the most watched of the year: the country literally stops for those 12 seconds that mark the beginning of the new year. And if at the end of the 12 chimes you have managed to eat all 12 grapes completely, then good luck will follow you for the next 12 months. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

The Capodanno in Italy – Karin Mosca

The Capodanno: How New Year's Eve is celebrated in Italy - Drinks&Co

In Italy, the tradition is for friends and relatives to gather for dinner, a long dinner that will last for many hours! At the stroke of midnight, a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne is uncorked to welcome in the new year and people look out from their balconies, or go directly into the street, to admire the fireworks. Immediately afterwards, all diners are served a portion of cotechino with lentils, which are said to bring money and good luck because of their similarity to coins. Oh, and don’t forget: red underwear is a must! Felice Anno Nuovo!

The Silvester in Germany – Daniel Tangerner

The Silvester: how New Year's Eve is celebrated in Germany - Drinks&Co

In Germany, one of the most popular customs is certainly Bleigießen (literally, ‘lead pouring’). A candle is lit and small lumps of lead are melted over the fire with the help of a spoon. Due to the low melting temperature of lead, this process does not take long. Once melted, the lead is dropped into a bowl filled with water. The shape of the cooled lead (or wax) determines that person’s future for the coming year. Another nice custom in German-speaking countries is to give lucky charms of all shapes – ladybirds, piglets and chimney sweeps – to friends and relatives. Prosit Neujahr!

And now that you know how New Year’s Eve is celebrated in these European countries, here are a few bottles to celebrate with:

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