Napa Valley, the beautiful valley of California

by Alberto Martínez

California is a U.S. state known for being home of the film Industry, Hollywood, for its beaches, for Los Angeles, San Francisco, …and also as a region that produces some of the best wines in the world.

The most famous wine region of California is Napa Valley, Napa Valley, ancient region of the Wappo Indians. It is believed that the name of Wappa was gaven to them by the Spanish, so the Napa Valley would actually be “beautiful valley”.

The Wine production in Napa Valley took place during the nineteenth century, though a plague of phylloxera, first, and the US Dry Law and the Great Depression later made the success of the wines from Napa Valley to wait more than 100 years.

Here were 2 events that have consolidated Napa Valley as the premier wine area in the U.S.:

  • In 1962, Robert Mondavi started to grow vines in Napa Valley. Mondavi has been the most important wine producer in the US, so his interest in Napa Valley made many other producers also settle in the area, until the present time, in the one you can count more than 300 wineries in this small valley .
  • In 1976, in Paris, there was a famous blind tasting where, over French wines, the big winners were the Chardonnay wines from Napa Valley, followed by the famous wines of Napa Valley, made with Cabernet Sauvignon. The outcome of this competition helped to break the prejudices that were on the US wine and definitely helped to promote the production of wine in the area.

Since then, the success of the wines from Napa Valley has not only grown, they are also an example and that has led to the development of many other denominations of origin in the area: Sonoma County, Carneros or Russian River Valley are some of the designations or AVAS, as they are called there, which have grown in prestige in the shadow of Napa Valley.

The famous Tuscany Valley of Falcon Crest was precisely inspired in Napa Valley, how the style of California has managed to use, like nowhere else in the world, the benefits of marketing, since many of the wineries operating here get as much or even more benefits from wine tourism than from wine production.

Is estimated that than 8 million people prefers to visit wineries, rather than Disneyland each year Do you Feel like trying wines from Napa Valley? Then let us recommend a few:

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