Moscow Mule, a powerful cocktail with vodka


Cocktails with vodka will give much to talk about from now on. In the meantime, we leave you with one of the most delicious cocktails, where vodka is the absolute protagonist.

It offers different tastes, slightly citric and stronger, and the contrast of the ginger beer. This cocktail has its origin in the liquor store Cock ‘n Bull in the U.S., in the 40s, in which two friends mixed typical flavors from this place and from a tavern where they drank beer. They chose the ginger flavor to find out its result when mixing it with vodka. And by chance, as with most cocktails, they found an exceptional taste later popularized worldwide.

Some other sources indicate that the cocktail was developed in the Mula restaurant in Hollywood, where they decided to put together all the less mixed and less demanded ingredients in any cocktail, resulting in this combination.

It is a refreshing cocktail, with a slightly exotic touch thanks to the lime. Anyway, it did not get the success often achieved with other cocktails with lime juice and vodka, such as the mojito or caipirinha. It is drunk at any time of day, but at night in the summertime tastes much better.


  • 60 ml vodka
  • 30 ml lime juice
  • 90 ml ginger beer


It’s really easy to prepare, since all we need is to mix vodka, ginger beer and lime juice in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain all content in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Finally, we can decorate it with a slice of lime, and we can also frost the top of the glass with sugar to make it sweeter.

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