Minimum price for alcohol, what do you think?

by Marta

Some European countries are beginning to propose a strategy to end the abuse of alcohol. This idea consists in a minimum price for alcohol based on an amount per unit of alcohol contained. Not only wine: spirits and beer are all in.

This proposal aims to reduce crime rates in many areas as it has been discovered that they are closely related to excessive intake of alcohol in its different variants.

In Scandinavian countries these kinds of measures were introduced a long time ago, but the driving motivation was somewhat different. The Nordic countries in their struggle to improve the health of the general population and at the same time, reduce healthcare costs entailed by unhealthy lifestyles, have established a tax on those products that are detrimental to health.

This group includes alcoholic beverages of course, but also tobacco and food products with high fat content, such as snacks, candy and bakery products of various kinds.

At the same time, in this package of measures which advocates healthy living foresaw a drop in prices of healthier products, such as fruit, so they are available to the household economy of most of the people.

Whatever the reason, it seems that the measure is progressing in all places where it gets implemented and, despite the initial reaction, the end consumers will end up adapting to changing times.

Not surprisingly, the tax burden or the minimum price to be based on the percentage of alcohol, as for example, when trading with wine and determine the price of transport depending on which places, you have to apply a formula that multiplies the alcoholic degrees by the corresponding index that is regulated for that particular destination. Thus, in the international freight we find that rates for wine which have long been organized around the alcohol content of the product.

Who pays the increase in either case is the final consumer who sees the difference reflected on the purchase ticket and will have to be content with less for the same.
Wine lovers who want to get a good hold, should begin acquiring pieces for their collection before that any of these new laws put the price of each bottle up.

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