May the Wine be with you

by Johanna Hofbauer


Of course, we wanted to say: May the force of the Jedi-Knights be with you! Star Wars Episode VII is coming into the British cinemas on December, 17th. Well, people in London are luckier and had to wait two days less. But finally, we get to know how the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo continue. 

We asked ourselves the following question: What if Luke Skywalker and co would be wines, and which wine would they be? While white wine represents the light side, red wine stands for the dark side of the force. But what’s, even more, important: On which side are you? Do you stand on the light side together with Master Yoda and the Jedi knights or do you support Darth Vader and the dark force? Decide you must…in Episode I of Wine Wars at Uvinum.

Click on the phrase that fits you most: 

I join the dark side of the force and prefer drinking red wine.

I join the light side of the force and prefer drinking white wine.

White wine and the light side

Congratulations, the force of the Jedi knights is with you! 

It has always been your biggest childhood dream to become a Jedi knight and fight side by side with Han Solo. Or maybe you can look back on endless, but failed, trials to imitate princess Leia’s hair. Well, at least, I do. Today you’re a grown-up, but the child in you is still true to its favourite hero of the history’s most successful saga. 

At Wine Wars, you’ll learn, which wine best defines Han Solo’s character and why Luke Skywalker’s favourite weapon should be an axe. Don’t let the dark side win. Darth Vader and his followers won’t give up until they dominate the galaxy. The more Jedi masters we are, the better. May the force be with you!  

Red wine and the dark side

Well, well, well….so, you feel attracted by the dark side of the force. 

Then stop talking and start acting. This green troll, Master Yoda, is already working on his army of Jedi knights, to steal the power of the dark side. Prove your loyalty to the Emperor and Darth Vader at Wine Wars and recruit your friends at Facebook as storm troopers. Because in the end, there can be only one winner.

At Wine Wars, we’ll reveal to you, what Jabba the hut has to do with frogs and which wine best reflects the black soul of Darth Vader and why.

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

I’m sure you already bought your tickets months ago. Now it would be best to enjoy the movie highlight of 2015 with a glass of wine. And which better wine, than the one that stands for your favourite character. Choose between Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader or Boba Fett at Wine Wars at Uvinum

Share your opinion. On which side are you? What is your favourite Star Wars character and why? We’re looking forward to seeing your comments below. 

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