Margaux wine, extreme luxury

by Alberto Martínez

Château Margaux

Margaux wine shows elegance, nobility and luxury for the senses. It is recognized worldwide for the artisan spirit that has become one of the most peculiar and extremely high price. But Who does not like being spoiled from time to time?

Well, this time will be a good one, high quality, a red one that will take us to new worlds. These wines are designed especially for lovers and purest connoisseurs of wine.

To connoisseurs, those who carry out a high society celebration… since Margaux wine always guarantee success, closely linked to the aristocracy. We offer you some examples, temptations perhaps available to very few and if you have the opportunity to taste them, you will know the glory.

Château Margaux 2005 is pure nobility. It has a high personality, with fine and fragant touches, and great sensitivity on the palate, something that characterized many of the wines from Bordeaux in France. It is a gorgeous red wine that smells and tastes like raspberry, licorice and toasted. Ideal for large banquets luscious meat.

Château Brane-Cantenac 2006 is a special surprise a red wine who was made in a perfect vintage, thanks to the climate, needed for their production. It is delicate and offers a sublime blend of tradition and modernity. This may be noticed in its aroma, intense, elegant and in a flavor that brings together all the perfect conditions of a perfect wine.

Château Giscours 2005. Extremely powerful! It is one of the most expensive and sublime in the world, with body and elegance. Intense ruby color and a delicate fruity flavour that reminds us to the barrels where it has been resting Drinking it is one of the greatest pleasures in this life.

Have you ever have the great luxury of tasting a Margaux wine? How was that experience? Do you have a favourite or a special one?

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