Lynchburg Lemonade – The Controversial Citrus Cocktail

by Chelsea Cummings
Lynchburg Lemonade

You probably knew that Lynchburg, a tiny city in Tennessee with only one set of traffic lights, is the home of Jack Daniel’s. But did you know that Lynchburg is located in a dry county? Despite the sale of alcohol being prohibited since the start of the twentieth century, Lynchburg is the unlikely home of the USA’s oldest distillery and world’s best-selling whiskey. The dry city is also the inspiration for the famous Lynchburg Lemonade. 

The drink was created and named by Alabama restaurant and lounge owner Tony Mason in 1980. Lynchburg Lemonade’s place in pop culture was solidified when Mason claimed that Jack Daniel’s stole the recipe for the citrus cocktail, turning it into the subject of a $13 million lawsuit. The controversial cocktail must be good!

So today let’s find out how to make Jack Daniel’s signature cocktail. It’s simple, refreshing and ready in 3 minutes.


35ml of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7

12.5ml of Triple Sec

12.5ml Fresh lemon juice 

100 ml Lemon-Lime Soda (Sprite / 7-Up)

Lemon to garnish

How to Make a Lynchburg Lemonade

1. Fill a highball glass ¾ full with cubed ice

2. Pour Old No. 7 over ice

3. Add remaining ingredients and stir

4. Add lemon wedge to garnish.

Top Tips for a Killer Lynchburg Lemonade

Use fresh lemon to make the best Lynchburg Lemonade. One lemon should be enough juice for two drinks.

Don’t skimp on the triple sec. The cheapest are too sweet and unnatural to do the Lynchburg lemonade justice. 

When it comes to the lemon-lime soda you have a lot of options. Good choices include Sprite, 7-Up, or Fever-Tree Sparkling Lemon

Lynchburg Lemonade Variations

You can always use a different type of whiskey, although it won’t be an authentic Lynchburg Lemonade. If you decide to change it up, choose another Tennessee whiskey or a full-flavored bourbon.

Make a Raspberry Lynchburg using raspberry liqueur (such as Chambord) and some fresh raspberries, substitute the lemon juice for orange or grapefruit juice. We encourage you to experiment and get in touch with your favourite variations. 

Final Steps

Find all the ingredients you need to make a zingy Lynchburg Lemonade at Drinks&Co

Sit back, relax, and enjoy summer vibes of hot summer barbecues!  

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