Like wine for chocolate

by Alberto Martínez

With bread and wine you can walk your road, we could say that chocolate and wine and the brain goes fine. At least this is what researchers have deduced at the Northumbria University, who claim that the combination of chocolate and red wine is good for the brain.

According to the investigators, the combination of the two foods improves the blood vessel circulation in the brain, because they are rich in polyphenols.

The investigation was initially designed to prove the benefits of resveratrol in the brain. Resveratrol is one of several types of polyphenols in red wine that according to researchers, leads to increase blood flow in the brain, and carries sugars and oxygen to the brain, becoming easier and faster to make complex calculations.

The researcher and project manager Emma Wightman, noted that the effects are best perceived in older people, whose blood flows tend to decrease naturally, and therefore the improvement can be more easily noticed.

During the investigation, the volunteers were taking capsules of resveratrol, while being brain scanned to see the results. “Several studies have already shown that resveratrol only brings benefits and has no contraindications, it can be taken as supplements, ” told Dr. Wightman

Crystal Haskell, supervisor of the research, carried out tests with volunteers, replacing the resveratrol by the polyphenols from chocolate, and found that the sweet is capable of delaying brain fatigue after intense mathematical exercises. Thus, the combination of red wine and chocolate is even more effective for mental health.

This way, tests to verify that other foods different than the resveratrol were less effective, that actually returned to a surprising result: wine and chocolate complement each other perfectly and provide better results than separately.

What wine to choose? In Uvinum we recommend 3 wines from Rioja, in addition to the benefits of resveratrol with chocolate, enjoy them:

  • Campillo Reserva 2004: One of the classic Rioja Reserva red wine of profound and complex flavors. Once decanting you’ll discover a friendly wine full of nuances
  • Marqués de Cáceres Reserva 2004: The same vintage, but a wine with a very different cut. Much more powerful with less mineral notes and more leather and vanilla. 2 big ones to compare.
  • Marqués de Riscal Reserva 2005: Another great wine from an exceptional vintage. The fusion of the other 2 wines, spicy, balsamic and marked by firm tannins and well together. Special.

And what about you? What wines would you choose? Which are your red wines with chocolate?

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