Let’s celebrate Saint Andrew!

by Marta Burgués

The 30th of November is a very special day for Scotland, since Saint Andrew is celebrated and it is the national day of Scotland. Although they have not achieved independence, Scots, true to their customs, will go out on the streets to celebrate this day with parades, music and, of course, drink.

This day is celebrated with great fervour and patriotic exaltation, and the famous flag with the X (St. Andrews Cross) is taken out to the streets to venerate St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. Traditional parades are everywhere, especially in large cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh. The participants in the parade wear traditional kilts and bagpipes with the oldest tunes.

On this day it is essential to celebrate in pubs and at home with the best Scotch whisky, the traditional drink of the place. The origin of whisky in Scotland is old, since it goes back to the IV or V century, and it’s due to the monks who firstly performed the distillation of this drink. In the nineteenth century its use becomes more popular and spread to many countries.

In addition to whisky, on this day the pubs are filled with people who tasting beer, also totally traditional in the UK. The best known and drunk beers on Saint Andrew are ales, dark and malt- flavoured beers. These include Belhaven, Tennents and Caledonian. And if you do not want to drink alcohol, Scots toast with Irn-Bru, a popular soft drink.

During this festival take place music-related activities, food fairs, exhibitions and shows, as well as religious meetings in honour of the patron.

With such a celebration, drinking a glass of the best Scotish whiskies or a bottle ale beer is a must, isn’t it? We strongly reccomend you:

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